dance away darcy

Darcy styles. she hates her last name and never uses it, when her mum dies and she has to go and live with her 'dad', all she wants to do is get away from him so the last words her mum say keep replaying in her head a clue to how she will get away. those where "dance away Darcy".


6. hes back....

darcys pov--------------

When I turned around and saw my so called dad and his 4 other band mates.

I gasped in shocked "w-why are y-you h-here" I stuttered my 'dad' not knowing who I was chuckled and opened his mouth to speak but before he could Blondie interrupted him I think his name was niall im not sure though. "We heard you-well I did but I heard you playing the guitar and because I pay the acoustic as well I couldn't help but follow the sound then when I herd you singing I was blown away." I was shocked that a professional singer thought I was a good singer but I quickly snapped out of it before replying "u-um t-thank you. b-but my uh m-mum will wake up s-soon so I u-uh think you s-should g-go" my voice cracked and I was stuttering which again I cursed myself for I kept on hearing a sequence of numbers which shocked me he had hid eyebrows furrowed before something clicked in his eyes he snapped his head up looking at me "D-Darcy?" his voice asked I nodded slightly shocked that he knew me he then looked to the side at my mum and asked "C-Catherine?" that was my mums full name and I snapped my head to the side and saw my mum sitting up in the bed her eyes wide "H-Har-" she was cut off by me running out the room her heartbeat monitor was picking up I screamed "DOCTOR! NURCE HELP MY MUM!!" it caught a lot of attention and loads of doctors and nurses ran into my mums room I just stared at them as they ran in suddenly the 5 boys where pushed up harry started walking towards me but I cowered back him seeing this made him stop in his tracks "D-dar-" he got cut off by me striating up and saying "don't just don't" I shook my head at him walking passed and into the waiting room I sat down with my head in my hands.

I then realised my mum needed me I walked into my mums room to see only one doctor left he was her main doctor and I sat down in the seat I was in before and held her hand her heart beat was normal the doctor left and my mum opened her eyes I whimpered "m-mummy" she just smiled lightly at me "your strong darc stronger than you know and I know you'll make it through in two weeks you'll be off to the academy and be living your dream and ill be there every step of the way looking down on you looking after you now sing for me babygirl sing you know what song" I tried to stop crying but with tears streaming down my face I picked up my guitar and started playing and singing along "Well you only need the light when its burning low..." and as I started to finish the song the heart monitor started to slow down then went into a thin line and doctors started rushing in...

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