Worlds greatest gifts (Calum Hood Fan Fiction)

Seraphina Morris hooked up with Calum Hood the summer before the band left for their first tour. She was in love with him but When he left for tour he wouldn't answer back. She realized he didn't feel the same way and it broke her heart. Though three months later she found something out that would change her life forever. She was pregnant with Calum's baby. Calum had already started dating someone new while he was on the road Seraphina couldn't bring herself to tell him about the baby. It would ruin his career and she couldn't do that to him no matter how much he had hurt her. She was keeping their baby and would raise it herself. She gives birth nine months later to a beautiful and amazing baby boy she names Oliver Ramon Morris. So when Calum comes back with the rest of the band from tour he tries to get her back. Though when he finds out about Oliver how will he react? Will he continue to fight for her and to be a part of their three month old sons life?


2. Chapter 2




 Later I started to get ready for work. Tying up my brown hair in a pony tail and putting on my apron that said Love In A Mug which is the name of my best friends familys coffee shop. I have worked with her at the coffee shop since before I found out I was pregnant. Both of us trying to save up enough money to live on our own. Though I wasn't expecting the whole raising a baby on my own thing but I wouldn't trade Oliver for anything. I head to Oliver's room picking up my happy smiling baby from his crib. He places his little hands all over my face and I laugh at how concentrated he is and he does cute little baby giggles and I give him a kiss walking with him to my room grabbing my keys and my wallet heading downstairs where my mom was reading in the kitchen.


  "Hey mom" I say handing Oliver over to her.


  "Hey sweetie you heading out?"


  "Yeah I'm going to invite Calum over later"


  "You sure your ready for that?" My moms says raising an eyebrow at me.


  "I have to tell him about our child sometime. Might as well be sooner than later"


  "That's true I think it's way over do. Well I wish you good luck I'll be gone most of the night working night shift"


  "Okay mom see you later" I say.


 I hug her goodbye and say goodbye to Oliver before heading to my car and work. Twenty minutes later I am unlocking the shop and getting the tables ready.


  "Hey Seraphina" Rena says as she comes into the shop. She ties her hair up like mine and hurries over to help me.




  "How's Ollie doing?"


  "Great" I say beaming proudly.


  "I hear Calum is back in town. Are you going to tell him?" She says giving me a stern look. Her green eyes daring me to say otherwise.


  "Don't worry I'm going to tell him. I'll text him after work" I grumble.


 No matter how mad at Calum I may be he and Ollie both deserve to have the chance to know each other. That is if Calum actually wants anything to do him. I really hope so. Not just because my son deserves to have his father in his life but because I just want to believe that he is capable of still being that lovable, caring person I fell for. I pull out my phone to tell him to be at my moms at around 7 since I get off at 6:30 today. I awaited his response nervously while I work, not getting one until around 6 say he'll be there. When my shift is done Rena gives me a hug for good luck. I hurry home and quickly change out of my uniform and pulling my hair out of it's ponytail.


 I wait patiently on the couch trying to keep my breathing under control. I tell my mom I'll be fine as she heads to work unsure. I shoot up when I here the doorbell ring. Why am I so nervous all of a sudden? I take a couple more deep breaths as I hear the doorbell ring again. I swallow the lump that's formed in my throat as I see him standing on my doorstep looking as handsome as ever, making my heart do backflips even if I don't want it to. No matter how hard it is to accept, I'm still in love with him. Though that doesn't mean I have to forgive him. Even though he is standing in front of me in his usual skinny jeans, converse, and blink-182 shirt holding a big bouquet of roses.   


  "Hey Seraphina" He says speaking to me in person for the first time in 12 months. My pale arms reach out and grab them from him.


  "Come in" I mumble to him taking the roses into the kitchen. He follows me but doesn't say anything. I know he can tell somethings bothering me. He has always been able to see right through me.


  "Please sit. There's something I have to show you" I say pointing to the couch. His brown eyes lock with my blue for a second but he does what I tell him to.


  "Okay?" He says confusion in his tone.


 I hurry upstairs wanting to get this and into Oliver's room. I pick him up slowly and he starts to wake. He stares at me making cute baby noises and giggling as I place a kiss to his forehead. I walk slowly downstairs with Oliver and into the living room. Calum had gotten up while I was gone and was pacing the room. The moment his eyes landed on Oliver his normally tan skin turned pale.


  "Calum this is our son, Oliver Thomas Morris" I say my voice shaking. I kept my eyes on Oliver waiting to hear Calum's response but heard nothing but a loud thud instead.


 I look up to see Calum passed out on the floor. I sigh in annoyance and worry turning my attention to our son for a moment.


  "Promise me you won't be as dramatic as your father when you get older" I say and he just looks at me as if to say he isn't promising anything.


 I take Oliver back upstairs and lay him down much to his dismay. I hurry back to Calum's side shaking him. I sit beside him as he starts to come to. He looks around for a few moments trying to figure out where he is. When his eyes land on me it comes rushing back and he sits up quickly. I bite my lip to keep from laughing at how flustered he is. 


  "Are you okay?" I ask him worried he may have hit his head a bit to hard.


 He doesn't respond just staggers to his feet running upstairs. I stare after him shocked he didn't run right out the front door, before chasing after him. He stands in front of Oliver's crib staring down at him. His eyes going over every detail of our child. I feel my heart break when tears start to fall from his eyes.


  "Why didn't you tell me?" He asks.


  "well for one you wouldn't answer your phone. Then when you had text me a month ago it didn't feel like it was the right thing to do to tell you over the phone" I say venom dripping from my words that I know he caught.


  "Good point" Calum says reaching into the crib for our son.


 I open my mouth to tell him to be careful but close it when I see how gentle he is being. He walks over to the rocking chair and sits down giving our son the most loving and adoring smile I've ever seen him give anyone. He leans forward placing a kiss to his forehead like I always do and Oliver giggles staring up at his father.


  "He's so beautiful. Look he's got you nose and my mouth and eyes and your cheekbones. He's gonna get all the ladies for sure" Calum says glancing over Oliver again before smiling up at me. A smile I can't help but return.


 I watch him cuddle with Oliver for about another half hour before I take him back us both kissing his little cheek and put him in his crib. I close the door walking to my room and sitting on my bed next to Calum. He reaches out grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. We sit like that for a few moments when I finally find my voice.


  "Why didn't you tell me when we were over. You should have just called me and told me you didn't love me anymore" I say looking at the floor. He puts his hand on my chin so I meet his gaze.


  "It wasn't like that Sera. I just- when I left we had just started to get really serious. I was scared because I felt for you in a way I have never felt for anyone. I didn't want to face you I was a coward. I didn't want to have to see or hear your voice when I told you I just didn't think I was ready for our relationship yet. I started dating Alea because I thought that it would help me move on from you but it didn't work. we broke up after just a few months. After that I just started sleeping around doing anything I could not to think of how much I hurt you and how much I'd missed you. After a couple months the guys kinda gave me a talking to, telling me that they were going to kick my ass if I didn't tell them what was going on with me. They had been so mad at me for most of the tour for what I'd done to you. They had told me you stopped talking to them all together after awhile because it hurt you to much. I told them I was scared because I was in love with you. Scared that if I let myself get to close than if we didn't work out I would fall apart and I didn't think I could put myself back together. The thing was I had already fallen apart without you. I had gotten scared and ran. After I had talked to the guys about it I felt a bit better but I was still broken. I went on a few dates but no one ever made me feel like you do. I spent the last five months of tour by myself trying to fix me as a person and just worry about myself. Though no matter how happy I was at times I was still missing you. That's why a month before tour ended I messaged you. I knew I had been wrong to leave you the way I did. And I just desperately missed you. You are the girl for me. The only one I want and I'm sorry I didn't accept that sooner. That I didn't want to let you get to close. I want to be a part of your life. I want to be there for you and our son. I'm so sorry that I wasn't here for you. To help you with everything that has gone on so far with our son, but now that I know about him I don't want to not have him in my life either. If you'll let me I'd like to be a part of both your lives. Please  just let me be here for you. Even if you don't take me back just let me make up for how I've hurt you and promise that you will at least be a part of my life, because I'm in love with you and I don't think I can live without you being a part of my life" He says looking into my eyes the whole time.


  As much as I didn't want to I could tell he was telling the truth. I wanted to be mad at him to hate him, but I love him too. After he broke my heart I had tried to date other people too. No one ever made me feel like he does. I couldn't live without him in my life either. He meant to much to me.


  "I accept your apology but I'm not ready to forgive you yet. As sorry as you are it doesn't change how you've hurt me. I am still in love with you too Calum but I need time. So for now I just want to be friends. I want us to work our way back up to where we were before. I need you in my life too" I say and I see his shoulders slump defeated but hopeful.


  "I understand. I will give you time and prove to you that I am in love with you and ready for us to be together again when you are" He says pulling to him in a tight hug. I hug him back breathing in his cologne. Remembering just how much I'd missed it.


 We sit upstairs for a few hours after that talking about different things that have been going on our lives. I had missed this even just talking to him made me feel so much better. It was like in a way nothing had changed and I am glad to have it back. To have him back. I walked him to the door when he had to go, agreeing that since I had the day off tomorrow that The boys could come over with him to see our son. He paused at the door turning to me.


  "Goodnight Seraphina" He whispers to me placing a kiss to my cheek that makes me bit weak in my knees.


  "Goodnight Calum" I say as he smirks loving his effect on me and heads to his car.


 I watch him drive off happy that I'll get to see him tomorrow. Happy That I'm not raising our son all on my own.

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