The First Hello © 2015 (Rough Draft Version) By: J.L. Jacobs *Sequel to: "The Final Goodbye"*

Fate has given Sophia Lancaster a second chance. As she wakes up from what seems to be an overly vivid dream, Sophia soon realizes that it was no dream at all, rather, she had been brought back from death's embrace to the very day she is set to marry Dr. Jeremy Thompson.

From the knowledge and perspective she had gained in her former life, she decides to make better decisions and choices that could potentially alter her life, the lives of her loved ones, and history as she once knew it. In this exciting sequel to: "The Final Goodbye," follow Sophia's new journey as she takes the chance in which Fate has bestowed upon her to find out who her soulmate really is and what the consequences of her actions will be.

*Please be sure to read The Final Goodbye first! This is a only a rough draft and may contain grammatical errors. It is formatted just as a hard-copy full-length book should be. I love to hear your feedback, and your votes and shares are greatly appreciated!


9. Chapter Nine: Kindred Spirits


Chapter Nine: Kindred Spirits



     Travis carried her up to his own bed and laid her down upon it as if she were made of the finest china. Every single fiber of his entire being wanted to climb in next to her and hold in his arms once more. She looked so enchanting;  her hair fell from their pins in certain spots which cascaded down in loose curls past her chest. It was so hard to tear himself away from this sleeping angel, but he summoned up all his willpower and quietly backed away from the bed. It was just around eight o'clock already, and he was also pretty tired from the work he had done that day. He knew Mrs. Cox was most likely waiting for him in the kitchen, so he closed the door to his bedroom and made his way back downstairs. His assumption was correct, not only was she waiting for him, but she was glaring at him through narrowed eyes. "It is highly improper for her to be sleeping in your personal bedchambers Mr. Ewing!" Travis walked past her and poured himself some coffee. He would be needing it. "She fell into an exhausted sleep. I didn't want to wake her." he said defensively. "Mr. Ewing, it still doesn't solve the issue at hand! She is an unmarried maiden and you just put her in your own bed!" the older woman cried out. "No worries on her virtue, Mrs. Cox, now that I have finished getting the guest cabin ready, I plan on heading into Dallas momentarily to pay up her hotel bill and fetch her sister and all their belongings." He couldn't help but chuckle when he seen the surprised look on her face, "So that's what you were so busy doing today? You got the guest cabin cleaned up?" "Cleaned up, freshly painted, added another bed, and even went into town earlier to purchase some new bed linens and some other essential items. I had planned on telling Sophia about it but she fell asleep on me in the middle of our discussion. I never did get to to her about my plans to have her and her sister stay in there." he said. "It seems as if you forgot to tell me about it as well. So you knew that you planned on hiring Sophia didn't you? Otherwise you would not have spent the day getting that cabin all gussied up for her." Mrs. Cox said chuckling as she pointed one of her chubby fingers at him, "Well, you should get a move on if you plan on going back into Dallas tonight. It's already getting late as it is." Travis gave her one of his charming smiles and she actually blushed a little, "I'll be back in a short while Mrs. Cox!" Before she could reply, he was out the back door in a flash. "That man!" she laughed heartily, "If I were a few decades younger myself, I'd give Sophia Lancaster a run for her money!"


     Rachel was just finishing up the last chapter in her book when she heard the knocking at the door of the hotel room. Thinking it must be Sophia who had probably misplaced her key, she went right over to the door and opened it up, then gave out a loud screech of surprise when she saw who stood there before her. Oh my Lord, was he even more handsome up close than he had been from a distance! Rachel honestly didn't think she had ever laid her eyes upon such a deliciously handsome man such as this one before in all her life! He was very tall and sturdily built. He had perfectly tanned skin, such dark brown hair that it was almost black, and his eyes were such an enchanting shade of light green that had just a hint of baby blue around his pupils, that they stood out dramatically on his face. His lips were full and so luscious, that for the first time since she had gotten married, Rachel actually pictured what it would feel like to have those lips, another man's lips, upon her own. Surely it was a sin to be so good looking? He was the sort of man that those penny romance books were written about, and for a brief moment in time, she was actually jealous of her sister. Travis Ewing stood there staring down at her with such a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, that it was almost as if he could read her mind. Rachel's face became heated as an intense blush took over, and she forced herself to snap back into the moment and slow down her wildly beating heart. Now she understood why Sophia had been so adamant about coming down here. Hell, if she, herself, had a man like that who she was in love with, she'd move heaven and earth to be with him too! Then Travis spoke, and she about melted on the spot! His voice was deep, and had a seductive southern drawl to it. His voice alone could easily tempt a woman into committing all sorts of any given sins! 

     "Mrs. McCord, are you quite alright?" Travis said. She stood there looking back at him as if she were in some sort of a trance. After a few moments, Rachel shook her head as if to regain her wits, and finally spoke up, "Oh my, please forgive my rudeness! You have taken me quite by surprise. I was actually expecting Sophia you see, and when I opened the door to see you standing there, well, I just don't know what came over me!" she proclaimed. He couldn't help but chuckle softly at her, "I'd like to introduce myself, my name is---" "Oh, I know exactly who you are Mr. Travis Ewing, trust me on that!" she interrupted. Then she became embarrassed over being so forthwith. "I-I'm so sorry! I don't know what's come over me." she said quickly, "Please, call me Rachel." "Fine then, Rachel, I am pleased to make your acquaintance." he said with a certain degree of amusement, "I've actually come to help you pack up you and your sister's belongings. I have a guest cabin on my ranch that I have made ready for you and your sister to make use of while you are here. There's no sense on spending needless money for a hotel room you see, and it will make it much easier on your sister to not have such a long commute back and forth after she's done working each day. I hope you find that acceptable?" Rachel smiled out of genuine surprise over his thoughtfulness, "That would be quite lovely. Thank you!" She gestured for him to come inside the room. Thankfully, she had kept the room nice and tidy. It didn't take very long for them to pack up the few pieces of luggage, and he carried them as she locked up the room. Since they were on the main floor of the hotel, it didn't take long to reach the front desk. Travis paid what was owed on the room, and Rachel followed him outside to the waiting carriage that he helped her inside of. As she settled herself, Travis placed their baggage on the top and secured them tightly with a rope. As he got up onto the driver's bench outside, Rachel looked out the small window to see the setting sun as the moon and stars made their appearance in the inky blue sky. 


     Sophia woke up to a semi-darkened room. Her bladder was uncomfortably full, and needed to be emptied without haste. As her eyes slowly adjusted themselves, she realized with a small degree of panic that she was in Travis's bed! Looking around the room, she didn't see him anywhere. Oh good Lord, she thought, did they-- did she--- oh hells fire, did they have relations with one another? The last time she woke up in another man's bed, which had been Jeremy's only two weeks ago, she had, um, given herself to him completely even if she had been under a heavy dose of laudanum when it had happened. Actually, when it had happened, she thought it was Travis she had been lying with. There would have been no way she would have done that with Jeremy if she had had all of her wits about her! But that was then and this was now. Surely if her and Travis had done anything, she'd remember! The last thing she recalled was being held in his arms down in his office. She must have fallen asleep. She had been so exhausted after all. Her bladder once again reminded her of why she had been woken up in the first place, so she pulled the light sheet off of her and was happy to see that she was still fully dressed. Shoes and all. Glancing over towards the opened window, she could see the sun setting. There was a rather refreshing breeze coming inside, and the sound of crickets singing their nightly tune could be heard which made her smile. She climbed off the bed and tip-toed her way to the bathing room in order to use the commode, all the while wondering just how she had ended up in Travis's bed. Not that it was an entirely bad thing, but in this new life of hers, they were still relative strangers even if she knew almost everything there was to know about him. Once her bladder had been emptied, she walked quietly downstairs. The kitchen was empty and she couldn't hear nary a sound. She went down the hallway towards Travis's office and gave the door a few knocks. When there was no reply, she opened the door to an empty room. He wasn't in there, so she shut the door and went back to the kitchen, deciding to pour herself a glass of sweet tea. She took it with her as she walked out the back door. No one was out there either. She took a few sips of tea as she walked towards the barn. There was a lantern lit in there, so perhaps Travis was in there. Peeking her head inside, the first thing she noticed was that the hackney she had rented was gone. "Travis?" she called out. The only reply she heard was the neigh's and snorts from a few of the horses. Nothing from Travis nor any other person for that matter. How strange. Since it was such a beautiful night, she decided to take a stroll over towards the pond. The water seemingly wanted to enticed her, and as much as she desired to undress and take an evening swim, she had no change of clothing with her. So instead, she sat down close to the water's edge under the canopy of the willow tree and couldn't help but think of memories from her former life. Travis had surprised her with a wedding, nay, their second wedding, just near this exact spot. That day had been one that she will never forget. It had been the best day of her life, next to the one when she had given birth to Madeline Rose. Her breasts tightened when she thought of her daughter, and a few tears escaped her eyes knowing that Madeline did not exist in this life. Sometimes, her memories of that other life could be painful. She missed her baby so much that it hurt! If she were lucky, perhaps she would once again conceive and little Maddie would be brought back to her. She just had to have faith! After all, anything was possible; wasn't she living proof of just that? 

     Sophia heard footsteps quietly approaching her and when she looked over her shoulder, she could see Mrs. Cox walking her way with a lantern in her left hand and a mug in the other. The older woman smiled at her as she took a seat on the warm grass near Sophia. "It's such a delightful night isn't it?" Mrs. Cox said softly. Sophia returned her smile with one of her own, "That it is. I just love it out here. There's such a feeling of serenity that this pond evokes within me. I somehow feel such peace sitting here like this." "I have spent countless nights out here over the last couple of decades that Mr. Cox and myself have been living here at the ranch. Back when the pastures where fields of cotton that stretched on as far as the eyes could see. Even back then, this place was beautiful. The mister and I have enjoyed many moonlit swims. Many people have infact, even those who are long gone. This place has been my home for so long now and I have been blessed with so many wonderful memories here." Mrs. Cox said wistfully. 

There was a companionable silence for a short while as the sun fully disappeared and the moon, accompanied by a blanket of twinkling stars, became visible in the darkened nighttime sky. It was Sophia who broke the silence. "Mrs. Cox, I woke up in Travis's bed a short while ago. When I came out here looking for him after searching the house I noticed my hackney is gone. I do need to get back to my hotel room before Rachel begins to worry. Do you know where the hackney might be?" Mrs. Cox chuckled softly as she patted Sophia's hand, "No worries on that my dearie. Travis had your hackney brought back to the rental place for you. He has also gone to fetch your sister and your belongings from the hotel. I cannot say anything else on the matter because the rest is a surprise that I do believe Mr. Ewing would like to share with you himself." There was this look in Mrs. Cox's eyes that suddenly seemed all-knowing. As if, somehow, she knew about Sophia's past life. But that would be crazy. She couldn't possibly know about that. If that happened to be the case, then surely she would have said something about it by now? Perhaps there was a part of Sophia that wished someone else had remembered so that she wasn't the only one dealing with these complicated feelings. So that she had someone to talk to about it besides Rachel and Maybelle. Someone from here who remembered those long-gone memories. While Rachel and Maybelle knew about Sophia's reawakening, they couldn't fully understand the complexities Sophia was facing now. "May I confess something to you Sophia?" Mrs. Cox asked her softly. Sophia's eyes widened. Did Mrs. Cox remember? Sophia nodded her head and Mrs. Cox smiled so fondly at her saying, "I have the sense that you know already." Sophia's heart began to race. Did she remember? Oh please God, let it be true! "Know what exactly?" Sophia asked her carefully as her eyes beseeched the older woman. 

Mrs. Cox remained quiet for a few moments before responding. "What your destiny is Sophia. That it is here with Travis. I can see it all so clearly. You two are soulmates." Sophia swallowed a sudden lump that formed in her throat as un-shed tears clouded her vision and she took a few tentative sips of her tea before she was able to speak over the lump of emotion that had formed in her throat, "You feel it too?" Mrs. Cox put her hand on top of Sophia's own, "Dearie, I cannot only feel it but I can see it when you's two are together. This might seem silly to you, but the first time you showed up here with your sister the other day, I almost felt like I had known you even though we have never met before. I can tell that Travis feels the same way even if he and I have never spoken of this. I believe we are all kindred spirits who belong in each others lives. You are meant to be here. I have never been so sure of anything in all my life. I didn't quite understand that until just now as I am sitting here with you. Then the realization of it all just sort of hit me and I suddenly knew it to be so. I hope you don't think of me as just some crazy old woman." Sophia's tears slowly fell down her cheeks. She was about to confess everything to the older woman when the sound of a carriage could be heard off in the near distance. It was coming closer and closer by the second. She looked at Mrs. Cox, wanting so much to tell her everything, but knowing that the approaching carriage must be Travis and Rachel. "I don't think of you as crazy at all Mrs. Cox. Between the two of us... I believe you are right. I feel it too. We are kindred spirits. I am so happy that you understand and feel the same as I do." Mrs. Cox looked back at her with those all-knowing dark brown eyes of hers. Sophia still wondered if there was more that Mrs. Cox wasn't telling her. Perhaps some other time they could talk more but now wasn't the right time. The carriage they heard was now pulling up the long drive. "Do help me up please." Mrs. Cox chuckled, "These old bones of mine aren't what they used to be." Sophia stood up and held out her arm for her. Mrs. Cox grabbed a hold of her hand and with Sophia's aid she slowly stood up. "Oh my achin' bones. Enjoy your youth Sophia. Savor every little second of it. Time goes by so very fast. So very, very fast. Then one day you will be an old woman like me and ponder on how quickly your life has passed you by." "Oh Mrs. Cox, you aren't that old yet! In another twenty years when you are truly an old woman, then you can call yourself as such. But in the meantime, I won't hear of it." Sophia quipped which made Mrs. Cox laugh heartily as she held her jiggling belly. Oh how Sophia remembered that laugh so well! 

     The carriage came to a complete stop just short of the large barn doors. Travis climbed down from his perch and unhooked a lantern from the side of the carriage. Sophia and Mrs. Cox wandered in that direction as he opened the door to help Rachel down. "Sophia!" Rachel called out happily as she laid eyes on her sister. Travis turned around in surprise to see that both Sophia and Mrs. Cox were out there and walking side-by-side with each other towards him and Rachel. He couldn't help but smile when he saw Sophia. She gave him a quick look before rushing over to her sister to hug her fondly. "Mrs. Cox mentioned that Travis had gone to fetch you, but would not elaborate any further than that." Sophia said to Rachel. "I am just as surprised as you sister." Rachel replied with a smile. "Now that you have returned, I must bid good night to you all and return to my cabin. I am sure Mr. Cox is wondering what is keeping me." Mrs. Cox said as she began to walk away with her lantern and mug in hand. Travis, Sophia, and Rachel all called out their good night's to her in return. Moments later, Sophia spoke up. "Mr. Ewing." she said pleasantly, "Please explain what the meaning of this is. Why have you brought Rachel back here?" He gave her a sly smile in return, "Instead of explaining myself, I shall show you both. Please, walk with me." Rachel and Sophia exchanged looks of curiosity and clasped each others hands as they followed behind Travis. It was now very dark outside, so thankfully he knew where he was going. Even though Sophia knew the ranch very well from her past life of living here, she was very surprised when he led them far past where Mr. and Mrs. Cox's cabin was located. 

     Minutes later, they approached another cabin that Sophia had entirely forgotten about. Travis opened the door to allow her and Rachel to walk inside. It was the guest cabin, and the inside of it had been utterly transformed. "Travis," Sophia said breathlessly, "what is this? Why are we here?" "This," he said holding out his arm, "is for you and Rachel to stay in. I spent all of today working in here to make it suitable for you both. It's much closer to the main house so that you, Sophia, don't have to travel back and forth to the city every day while you are working here. I hope you find it pleasing. If there is anything you'd like in here that I may have over looked, please, just ask. As the hour grows late, and I know you've had an exhausting day, I shall bid you both a goodnight and see you in the morning. I will have the carriage unloaded and will set your luggage outside the door. Rachel, feel free to eat your meals with us at the main house if you'd like. We'd enjoy your company." With that, he gave a small wave and headed towards the door of the cabin. "Travis!" Sophia called out to him, "This is so wonderfully generous of you. Thank you so much for your kindness!" He flashed her one last smile, and with a nod of his head, he closed the door behind him as he left. Sophia was in a pleasant state of shock. He had done this for her, and for Rachel. Neither of them said a word as they checked out their temporary living quarters. 

     There was a fresh coat of white paint on the interior walls which had been swept clean of cobwebs. The wooden floor had also been swept and mopped so that it was free of any dirt and dust. The main room was divided into two areas. One was a kitchen, and the other was a sitting room that was divided by a wall with a wooden archway. In the kitchen area, where the front door was located, sat a square wooden table with a single chair on each of it's four sides. A large oval rug sat underneath the table. A crock of freshly picked wild flowers sat upon the middle of the table itself. There was a smaller-sized range against one of the walls in the kitchen, and it had been cleaned to a shine. A rack hung above it that held various pots and pans. Next to the left side of the range, on the floor, was a square iron box filled with freshly cut wood. On the right side of the range was a wooden counter with cabinets above and below it.The lower portion of the counter contained four drawers, and below them, was four doors which had shelving inside them. On the counter, near the range, sat another crock filled with various wooden cooking utensils. Then, on the wall where the door was located, Sophia saw a wooden bookcase that was filled with books, much to her delight. A large window was next to the bookcase that was opened to allow the fresh air in. A pretty valance covered the upper portion of the window. Sophia wandered through the archway to the sitting room where there was a decent sized fireplace, complete with a stone hearth and wooden mantle above it. Two rocking chairs sat in front of it on another large, oval shaped woven rug. There was another pile of wood sitting on the hearth to the left of the fireplace. On the opposite wall, there were two more large opened windows, also with valances that covered the tops of them. A curio cabinet sat in the corner of that room which was empty. Another archway led to a small, narrow hallway. Lit lanterns hung on hooks along the wall. There were three doors. The one on the right, when opened, was a smaller bathing room with a commode, claw footed bathing tub, and a shorter wooden counter with a porcelain sink. An oval shaped mirror hung above the sink. Below the counter, there was a door. She opened it to see some shelving inside. The bottom two shelves contained folded up drying towels. The top shelf had some bars of rose-scented castile soap, a couple glass bottles of essence oils, and two sea foam sponges. On the counter, next to the sink, sat a square silver platter that had candles of various sizes sitting on it, all of them new and unlit. On the wall, there was a small lantern hanging from a sturdy hook. 

     The other two doors in the hallway led to bedrooms, each complete with a bed, a small square table next to the bed, opened windows, a vanity table with a chair, and a wooden dresser. There was a storage chest at the foot of each bed. On the walls hung some more lanterns. There were large rugs sitting on the floor in each of the bedrooms. One room was painted in a soft shade of lavender, and the other was a soft shade of pastel green. Rachel laid herself down upon the bed in the pastel green room, so Sophia went into the lavender room and set down her reticule on the vanity table in there. There had been a smile on her face ever since Travis had brought them here. It was such a wonderful and thoughtful thing for him to do for them. She headed next door to Rachel's new room and sat down on the bed next to her. "You are the luckiest woman in the world." Rachel said quietly, "I about swooned on the spot when I first laid eyes on Travis. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. I am still in shock over everything that's happened since June first. I feel like I am living in a dream of yours or something." "I know Rach, I feel the same. As much as I would love to lay here with you and tell you about my day, I really do need to get myself off to bed. I have to be at the main house by five in the morning. If you'd like to join us to break your fast then breakfast is served promptly at six. I love you sis." Sophia got up from the bed and headed out of the room just as Rachel replied, "I love you as well. I'll see you on the 'morrow." Sophia closed the bedroom door behind her then headed towards the kitchen in order to blow out the lanterns. She heard some noise outside the door and quickly opened it to see Travis setting down their luggage. When he saw her, he gave her a weary smile. She noticed how exhausted he looked. "Would you like me to set these inside?" he asked. Sophia shook her head no, "You've already done so much today. Go off and get yourself to bed. Thank you again for all your kindness. I hope I do not disappoint you in anyway while I am under your employ." He gave her a curious look, then picked up the lantern he had set on the ground and walked away into the inky darkness. Sophia didn't really want him to go but he was her employer now, and there were certain boundaries that needed to be followed. She vowed that she would do things the right way this time around. Patience must be her new virtue! She grabbed the luggage, one by one, and carried them into the cabin. She set Rachel's down inside her new room, then placed her own luggage in her room. Sophia went into the kitchen and turned the knobs on the lanterns until the flames were extinguished, then did the same for the ones in the sitting room, bathroom, and the hallway. 

     Finally, she was able to shut the door to her own room and peel off the sweaty, dirty, and grimy clothing she had been wearing. She opened up her luggage to put away her clothing and personal items which didn't take much time. Once she had changed into a simple cloth nightgown, she sat at the vanity and took out the pins in her hair that were already loose. She brushed out her long hair and plaited it into a single french-style braid. The bed beckoned her worn out body. When she extinguished the lantern in her room and laid down, she realized just how sore her poor body was. Even the muscles in her lower abdomen where her scar was located was sore and tender. She wondered just how upset her parents were about her sudden disappearance. It was odd how she hadn't bothered to think of that until just that moment and she felt guilty once more for allowing Rachel to come down here with her, even though her sister's intentions were good. This little escapade of their's would have some serious repercussions. She was sure of it. More so for her than Rachel. Hopefully at some point her parents will have forgiven her for this transgression. But Sophia had to run away. She could not bear to be forced into marriage with Jeremy knowing what life with Travis was like. Time healed all wounds, just as surely it would heal this whole debacle. Now that she had gainful employment, and a respectable place to live, she would have to send Rachel home soon. It was for the best. The sooner she returned back to Wellington, the better. Joseph was probably beyond livid with the both of them, and also worrying over Rachel. She hoped Joseph wouldn't hate her for allowing Rachel to come down here with them. As happy as she was to be here, she also didn't want to have Rachel suffer any serious repercussions because of this trip. One that seemed as if it would only be temporary for the both of them. Rachel would be leaving soon, then once Mrs. Cox returned, Sophia would most likely be leaving herself unless she could find some other employment elsewhere in the meantime. Or, if she could get Travis to fall in love with her. What a mess all of this was! Now that she was Travis's hired help, she very well couldn't cross those ethical boundaries with him. Fate gave her a second chance, so she needed to figure out a way to stay here after her position was terminated! Another thought suddenly occurred to her; what if she wasn't actually supposed to be with Travis? Could she possibly be forcing this... this... situation here in Texas just because of what her own heart wanted? It could be possible that Fate had given her this chance at life again to be with Jeremy. Or someone else entirely? Sophia knew she had to get this right. She didn't want to mess with Fate. Her confusion started to get the best of her. Maybe she was just overthinking everything due to her utter exhaustion. She had to do something to get her mind to shut off so that she could get a good night's rest. Sophia lit the lantern and pulled out her leather-bound journal to write another entry, then when she was finished with that, she would force herself to get some sleep!


August 7, 1890

I am so conflicted right now over everything! Tonight, Travis has hired me to temporarily take over Mrs. Cox's duties so that she could travel to California to visit with her daughter who is expecting a baby in the next few weeks. I was absolutely thrilled over how quickly I was able to get him to not only meet me, but to obtain a paying position in his household with the intentions of using that time to have him fall in love with me. Mrs. Cox and I had a very serious conversation and she made it very clear to me that she felt my destiny was to be here, with Travis. I agreed with her because that's what my heart feels. That's what my heart wants.

I was very surprised when Travis brought Rachel back here a while ago, to the ranch, and showed us the guest cabin that he spent all of today to make ready for our use while we are both here. What a thoughtful and generous man he is. I am thrilled over how seemingly easy it was to find my way back into his life after my reawakening. In my past life, we were married and so in love with one another, even if it was a rough road for us to get to that point. I've been doing some serious contemplation over this whole situation, wondering if I am making the right decision by coming here in hopes that he and I can make a life together once more. Fate gave me this second chance, and I cannot help but to wonder now if I am actually supposed to be with Travis or with Jeremy? I know how much Jeremy is in love with me, especially after the whole situation with Angelique Milton happened. When father told us we were to be married straight away, I panicked and fled Wellington to come down here, certain that my destiny was with Travis. But what if I am wrong? What if I am trying to force an issue only because of what I feel in my heart for Travis? Could it be that Fate actually intended for me to be with Jeremy, despite my lack of feelings for him? After all, I didn't stay in Wellington long enough to determine that. Perhaps I am being selfish in that regard. How will I know what is the right path I should be taking? Now that I have committed myself to work for Travis, I am now facing another dilemma. As his hired help, it is not right that I try to pursue a romantic relationship with him. It could ruin my reputation. I will have to concentrate on doing my job now, as his employee, and not allow myself to give in to what my heart wants me to do. I must make this a strictly platonic relationship, as it's only the proper thing for me to do. Hopefully, Fate will give me a sign that will show me a clear path that I need to follow before Mrs. Cox returns from her trip, because I am so very confused over everything! 

--- Sophia A. Lancaster


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