The First Hello © 2015 (Rough Draft Version) By: J.L. Jacobs *Sequel to: "The Final Goodbye"*

Fate has given Sophia Lancaster a second chance. As she wakes up from what seems to be an overly vivid dream, Sophia soon realizes that it was no dream at all, rather, she had been brought back from death's embrace to the very day she is set to marry Dr. Jeremy Thompson.

From the knowledge and perspective she had gained in her former life, she decides to make better decisions and choices that could potentially alter her life, the lives of her loved ones, and history as she once knew it. In this exciting sequel to: "The Final Goodbye," follow Sophia's new journey as she takes the chance in which Fate has bestowed upon her to find out who her soulmate really is and what the consequences of her actions will be.

*Please be sure to read The Final Goodbye first! This is a only a rough draft and may contain grammatical errors. It is formatted just as a hard-copy full-length book should be. I love to hear your feedback, and your votes and shares are greatly appreciated!


4. Chapter Four: Retaliation

Chapter Four: Retaliation



     Sophia slowly opened her eyes. Instantly she was overwhelmed with a horrendous pain from her incision site, her mouth was terribly dry, and a wave a nausea swept over her from the terrible taste of the gas from the anesthesia she was given. She already knew what to expect but it still didn't make it any better. She heard Rachel and Maybelle quietly talking amongst one another on her left side, so she turned her head to look at them. "Hey," Sophia croaked out in a gravely voice in order to garner their attention, "I need water and some laudanum now please." Her throat felt raw and just talking made her feel like she was about to vomit from the high level of pain she was feeling, and from the nasty taste of the gas that was still present in her mouth. Rachel jumped up from where she was sitting and hurried over to the side of her bed. "I will go get the nurse!" she assured her with concern etching her face. Sophia watched as Rachel quickly opened the door and left the room to find the nurse on duty. Maybelle was then at her side, and had taken Sophia's left hand into her own, "How do you feel Soph?" she asked. The concern in her voice was evident and it made Sophia feel a twinge of guilt for making her best friend worry. "Not so hot but please don't worry. I've done this before and knew what to expect. Once I g-get some water and laudanum in me I will feel much better." It took a lot for Sophia to say that much. Maybelle couldn't help but notice how pale poor Sophia's face was. She could literally see just how much pain she was in and she wished she could do something to help her. It didn't take long before Rachel came back into the room followed closely by a woman dressed in a white nurse's uniform. The nurse went over to the right side of Sophia's bed which was closest to the door, and gave Sophia a kind smile. "I have the laudanum and water for you Miss Lancaster." she said as she handed the cup to Sophia's shaky hands. The nurse gave the dose of the pain medicine first, then Sophia took a few tentative sips of the water to make sure she didn't retch it back up. Her stomach protested violently but after a minute or so when she could safely assume it would stay down, she drank some more of it. "I brought you a peppermint stick for you as well Miss Lancaster. I've noticed it seems to help with nausea and it will help dissipate the taste of the gas much quicker." the nurse said as she handed the candy to Sophia. Already Sophia could feel the effects of the laudanum coursing through her body which was beginning to blessedly numb her pain. She looked up at the nurse and gave her a weak smile, "Thank you very much. I really appreciate the candy." The nurse patted Sophia's hand gently, "You are most welcome. Dr. Jacobs is making his rounds and will be in soon to check in with you. In the meantime, if you need anything, there is a string right here next to your bed. If you give it a tug a couple of times, it will ring a bell and I will be able to hear it."Sophia looked over and saw the long string the nurse had mentioned. What an ingenious idea! Dallas Memorial Hospital didn't even have that and it was a much bigger facility. The nurse walked back out of the room and Sophia then looked over at Rachel and Maybelle. "This medicine works wonders." Sophia said to them, "I am already feeling better." Sophia noticed that her voice sounded less scratchy now that it had been hydrated some. She brought the stick of peppermint candy to her mouth and began to suck on it. The sooner she could get rid of that awful taste of gas, the better! "I cannot even begin to imagine how bad that must hurt." Rachel commented. Sophia gave out a little chuckle and said, "Oh, just you wait until you give birth to that baby of yours! Then you will understand. Trust me, I had a baby of my own with Travis and that pain is so much worse than what I am feeling now. Although, I did ask for some laudanum when it got real bad and my doctor gave a bit to me. That helped. You may want to think about having some on hand when it's your time." "Goodness," Rachel groaned rolling her eyes, "Thanks for the warning sister. You know I don't handle pain well." "You will be just fine. All the pain is so worth it in the end once you hold that baby in your arms. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world. Oh, but while I am thinking about it, make sure you get Nellie to make you a soothing balm for your, um, nipples. In my past life, you were having quite an issue with them being sore, cracked, and bleeding after the first week of breast feeding." Sophia said knowingly, giving her sister a wink. She would have laughed heartily just seeing the horrified look on Rachel's face if she didn't have that darn incision in her abdomen. "In fact, I already wrote down many things in that sealed envelope and your birthing experience is one of them. I cannot wait to show you both what I wrote." Rachel stood back up and walked over to the side of her bed. "I honestly cannot wait to read the stuff you wrote down. I am really intrigued as to what it all says." Maybelle joined Rachel and looked down at Sophia as well, "I second that motion. I have been curious about something though." Sophia looked at her, beginning to feel loopy now, and gave her queer smile, "What is it?" "Well," Maybelle started, "You mentioned that you met Travis from the advertisement he placed in the newspaper, and that advertisement hasn't shown up as of yet. What if it never does? Will you still pursue trying to find him?"

     That had been something that was already plaguing her mind. But despite the lack of the ad, she just couldn't not search for Travis. He was her soul mate. It was just that simple. Sophia was about to answer May's question when the door to her room opened and Dr. Jacobs walked in. He approached her bed with a ready smile, "Nurse McKinley informed me that you were awake and she had just given you a dose of laudanum. How are you feeling now?" "Much better." Sophia answered, "But I'd really like to know what happened during my surgery. Did you find anything?" His smile quickly dissipated as a more serious look came over his face. Sophia felt her heart sink and squeezed Maybelle's hand tightly. "Actually," he said somberly, "I did. I have to admit that I was quite a bit surprised when you insisted upon having this surgery done. I almost refused doing it in the first place, but something in my mind saw how concerned you were, and that was what made me agree to it. As it turns out, I did find a few masses on your uterus." A feeling of dread instantly washed over Sophia. She knew it! Oh God, she did have cancer! This news changes everything! There was no way in hell's fire she would be searching for Travis now. Tears began to stream down her cheeks and she felt a feeling of utter remorse consume her entire being. Why had she been brought back to this time in her life, knowing everything that had happened in her past life, only to have to endure such awful news again? How would she, no, how could she possibly go through it again and not have Travis with her to help make it easier? How could she live the rest of her life knowing there would be no Madeline for her to give birth to? Why was she here again, only to know that having cancer meant she would ultimately die... again? Dr. Jacobs took a hold of her hand and interrupted her train of thought, "Miss Lancaster, this is good news. I am a bit perplexed as to why you seem to be so upset right now." Sophia threw her peppermint stick across the room out of sheer frustration and looked at him in anger, "How could this possibly be good news?" "Did you even hear what I just explained to you?" he asked patiently. "Yes!" she cried out, "You found masses on my uterus. I have cancer, just like I had suspected. I know what that means. I am going to die!" The doctor couldn't help but shake his head and chuckle at her very misguided declaration, which only infuriated Sophia even more. Just as he suspected, she didn't finish listening to everything he had said to her which he was going to call her out on. "Miss Lancaster, it's more than obvious to me that you haven't heard my explanation, so I shall reiterate. This time, please give me your undivided attention." Sophia obstinately nodded her head and he continued. "As I said before, yes, I did find some masses on your uterus. I was able to completely remove all of them. When I biopsied a small portion of each of them, and inspected them under the microscope, I was able to ascertain that they were all benign. That is good news. No, it's great news! That means you do not have cancer. Those masses were only cysts and you will be just fine. There is nothing further for you to worry about. Your hunch paid off Miss Lancaster, because if those masses had been left there unchecked, then they could possibly have, over time, turned malignant. Be that as it may, we were able to catch them early enough that there will be nothing for you to concern yourself over. Once you are healed from this surgery, you shall be able to live your life worry-free." Sophia stared at him in shock. Did she just hear him right? He was able to catch it in time and she would be fine? This was great news indeed! Now she could begin planning out how she would find Travis! "Oh Dr. Jacobs, you have just made me the happiest woman in the world! Thank you so much for believing in me!" she said to him in gratitude, "I don't know how I can ever repay you!" He laughed, "You have already paid my fee so that is enough. I was just doing my job. Consider yourself blessed that your foresight paid off. Now, I have more patients to check in on, so I will leave you with your sister and friend, and when your pain levels start to get bad again just let the nurse on duty know and she will give you your dosage of laudanum. I will be back tomorrow to check on your incision site to make sure it's not getting infected." "Thank you again doctor!" Sophia called out as he was leaving her room. "See?" Rachel said, "All is well Sophia!" "Oh my goodness," Sophia gushed, "I am so... so... happy right now!" "Once you are out of here, we all need to sit down and start making plans on how your going to meet Travis now." "Most definitely!" Sophia agreed, "I cannot wait!"


     The next week and a half went by slowly, but finally Sophia had been released from the hospital and was now back at home. Her incision site was still just a tad bit sore, but that was to be expected. There was a long red line that created an ugly looking spot on her abdomen, however, it was worth having as it meant she would be fine. Her parents had been both upset and worried when they had found out about her surgery, but Sophia had expected that as well. She knew that she should have just been honest with them in the first place but she couldn't un-do the past. Now, she had her future to look forward to! She had missed out on the fourth of July parade and celebration as it had taken place while she was still recovering in the hospital. It had been the first one she had ever missed but she didn't have any regrets. That also meant she had gotten out of having to work one of the booths which was just fine by her. Rachel had searched for Travis's advertisement in the newspaper every single day while she was in the hospital, but it never appeared. That complicated matters for her tremendously. How in the world would she figure out a way to get down to Texas to meet him if there wasn't a legitimate excuse? She currently now sat in the drawing room at Rachel's house with Maybelle so that they could drum up a plan. She had only just arrived and both Rachel and Maybelle sat on a settee with knowing smiles upon each of their faces which meant they knew or was up to something. "Out with it!" Sophia said as she took a seat in a chair near them. She grabbed a cup of tea from the table as Maybelle spoke up. "I have some wonderful news to share with you Sophia!" Sophia looked at her and instantly knew what May was going to tell her. "I am with child!" Sophia set down the cup of tea and walked over to her best friend, pulling her into a tight hug. "That is wonderful! I did expect that it would happen soon though, just as I told you it would." "Well," Maybelle said with tears of happiness shining in her eyes, "you were correct! I am due to give birth in the middle of February." "I already wrote down the birthing date on that sheet of paper, along with the gender and name." Sophia said slyly as she sat back down, "But as good as this news is, I cannot help but feel somewhat sad for myself." "Why?" Rachel asked. "Well," Sophia replied with a sigh, "By this time in my past life, I was already married to Travis. That means that my own pregnancy will not be taking place as it should have. I gave birth in the middle of April. As a matter of fact, the three of us were all with child at the same time. Oh, we need to figure something out and quickly! I have to meet Travis soon! It feels like torture knowing all of these things and not having him in my life." "So then let's start thinking of a way to make this happen!" Rachel said enthusiastically. "Since he hasn't placed that advertisement, I don't know how to proceed. Should I take a trip down there and force a meeting with him?" Sophia suggested. Both Rachel and Maybelle remained quiet as they thought of ways to help out Sophia. "I hate to say this, but what if you aren't supposed to be with him? Maybe this Fate of yours meant for you to be with Jeremy. I cannot help but think of that possibility since the advertisement from Travis hasn't appeared in the paper." May said bluntly. Sophia felt her spirits sink. What Maybelle had just said was already something that Sophia had actually thought of. "Perhaps." Sophia surmised honestly, "But I feel such a love in my heart for Travis that outshines everything I had ever felt for Jeremy. Oh what a confounding mess this is!" "Maybe you need to see Jeremy and find out if your feelings for him have changed or not, but with an honest and open heart. You did love him so very much prior to ever meeting this Travis fellow. I feel that May has a valid point in my opinion. Perhaps spending some time with Jeremy might help." Rachel suggested thoughtfully. "Then, in the meantime, you can continue checking the newspaper on the off chance the advertisement from Travis appears." Sophia took in what they both had said to her. She didn't exactly like their ideas, but what other choice did she really have besides showing up on Travis's doorstep and telling him that she felt they were soul mates? They both could possibly be right. If Fate had wanted Travis in her life, then the ad would have been there. "Have either of you seen or heard anything regarding Jeremy?" Sophia asked. Maybelle shook her head no but Rachel spoke up, "Actually, I have. Joseph and I both went to Bowlby and Hall's to get some groceries and while we were there, we ran into Josephine." Josephine was Jeremy's younger sister, and Rachel, Maybelle, and Sophia had become friends with her after Jeremy began courting Sophia. "What did she have to say?" Sophia inquired with genuine interest. Rachel sipped her tea then set down her cup onto it's matching saucer. "She seemed a bit miffed when I tried to greet her, but I did apologize to her on your behalf and told her you had just had surgery. Once she heard that, she inquired after your health. I assured her that you were recovering and would be fine. She then suggested that perhaps you had been confused over cancelling the wedding to Jeremy because of your health, but perhaps that's because I didn't explain why you had to have surgery to begin with. I don't think she knew anything about him having had intimate relations with Angelique Milton, so I did take it upon myself to explain that to her. Once she heard that, she seemed appalled that Jeremy would have done something so heinous like that to you. She then told me she was wrong to place blame on you and told me to express her regrets over the matter." "But did she say how Jeremy was?" Sophia asked. "No, she did not. Perhaps you should pay a call on him yourself and find that out." Rachel said sagely. The room remained quiet as the three women sipped their tea, lost in their own thoughts. Sophia stood up after hers was finished. Looking at them she said, "I think I shall pay a call on him right now. He should still be at the clinic, so I will head over there at once and request to speak with him. Pay a call on me tomorrow and I will let you know how the visit went." She gave Rachel and Maybelle each a quick and friendly hug, then grabbed her reticule from the floor. Before she left the room, she looked over at Maybelle and said, "I really am so happy about your pregnancy May. At least you and Rachel will have your children close together. Those babies will grow up close in age. I think that is so wonderful." Then she gave a little wave and left.


     The clinic's waiting room was empty when Sophia arrived. It was very warm and stuffy in there, partly from the heat of the summer day and partly because all the windows were closed. She picked up the little bell sitting on the reception desk and gave it a jingle. Moments later, the door leading to the examination rooms and back offices opened, and Angelique appeared. When she saw Sophia standing there, a venomous look took over her countenance. "What may I help you with?" she asked with a surly tone in her voice. Sophia sighed and rolled her eyes. On her way over, she had said a silent prayer wishing she wouldn't run into this woman. She now knew that luck was not on her side. "I'd like to see Jeremy please." Sophia answered, growing more and more agitated when Angelique glared her down hard. "He's not here today." came Angelique's snide reply. Sophia's gut instinct told her that Angelique was lying to her. "Well, I shall just check his office for myself." Sophia said as she shouldered her way past Angelique and walked through the wooden door. Angelique was hot on her tails and had actually tried to grab a hold of the back of Sophia's dress which she missed by a mere inch. Sophia knocked on the closed door that belonged to Jeremy and listened for a reply. "I told you once already, he's not here!" Angelique spat out venomously. The door opened, and Jeremy looked out to see that Angelique had roughly grabbed a hold of Sophia, and in trying to force her back down the hallway, she caused Sophia to trip on the bottom of her own dress. Then Angelique gave a rough push which caused Sophia to fall down quite hard to the stone floor. Sophia landed directly on her stomach where the incision site was and she cried out in pain. "Good Lord, I didn't even hurt you! If I had, you would certainly know it!" Angelique cried out sarcastically as rage began to build up within her. Jeremy rushed over to where Sophia was lying and could see tears of pain coursing down her taught face. He bent down on his knees and grabbed one of Sophia's arms to help her up. "Slowly please." Sophia muttered quietly. He did as she had instructed, and once she was standing back up, he noticed she was still hunched over and her arms cradled her stomach. "What a puss!" Angelique cattily laughed, "I barely hurt you, if at all. Stop this foolish act already. We can see right though it!" "You know what Angelique, not that it's any of your business but I just got discharged from a hospital in Cleveland after having major surgery so you can go to hell you... you... bitch!" Sophia snapped back. There was an audible gasp that came from Angelique who closed the distance between her and Sophia so that she stood a few mere inches away from Sophia's face. Jeremy was prepared to step in if she tried anything further. His own anger was now at a dangerous boil. "Bitch eh? Classy. If it weren't for you, I'd be married to Jeremy right now!" Angelique yelled. Sophia glared her eyes at her new nemesis and yelled back, "I could say the same of you! If you hadn't lied about carrying his child, perhaps I'd be married to him right now. You ruined our wedding day on purpose with your blatant lies! But even if you had gotten away with that little stunt of yours, it still wouldn't have made your marriage to him a happy one. He doesn't love you. He loves me and it was you who lied and ruined our wedding you whore!" Angelique slapped Sophia right across the face, and in retaliation, Sophia pushed Angelique hard against the opposite nearby wall. This only made the situation worse. Jeremy stepped in the middle of them, facing Angelique, and said menacingly to her, "You are fired! You will not step foot inside this building ever again and if you do, I will have you arrested for trespassing! If you ever deem to lay another hand on Sophia ever again, I will alert the authorities, and don't you think for one second I won't either!" Angelique spat in Jeremy's face. Then, screaming out of fury from the top of her lungs she cried out, "You have no authority to fire me! My father will not have it!" Angelique pretended as if she were going to walk down the hallway but seconds later, she turned around with such swiftness that Sophia nor Jeremy had time to react as Angelique kicked Sophia in the stomach a few times. Sophia screamed out in pain and crumpled down to the floor. Angelique took the opportunity of Sophia's pain and moment of weakness to start slapping at her head. Jeremy grabbed Angelique to pull her away from Sophia but Angelique only latched on to Sophia's head as her hands clenched on tightly to her hair, painfully pulling out strands of it as she was being hauled away. Jeremy, with a firm hold on Angelique, began to hurry her down the hallway. As much pain as she was in, Sophia gingerly stood up and raced down the hall after Jeremy who now had a kicking and screaming Angelique over his shoulder so that her face was still accessible to Sophia. Sophia began to throw a couple swift punches towards Angelique's face. The first one landed on her nose and she felt it crack beneath her knuckles. Instantly, blood began to pour out of her nostrils. The second punch came directly after and landed across her eye. "You bitch!" Angelique screamed, "I am going to kill you for that!" Sophia laughed bitterly, "What? You don't like fair play? Aww, you poor, poor, thing. Not only are you a lying whore, but you are also an sneaky little bitch!" Angelique tried her best to wrestle out of Jeremy's firm hold, but he went through the door that led to the waiting room, and Sophia stood there listening as Angelique screamed like a banshee. What an absolute lunatic that woman was! Alone, and still standing in the hallway, Sophia slowly turned around and went inside Jeremy's office to sit down. She was in so much pain that she could hardly bear it. Her adrenaline rush ended just as quickly as it had started. Seconds later, she rushed over to a garbage receptacle in the corner of the room and began retching inside of it.

     By the time Jeremy had returned, he found her still hunched over the pail in the corner of his room near his desk. He could instantly smell the distinct odor of vomit. "Oh my God Sophia, are you alright?" She was unable to respond right away as she continued to retch up the contents of her stomach. He stood there feeling helpless. "Get me laudanum and some water, quickly!" she managed to croak out before more vomit came forth. Jeremy left the room in a hurry to do as she had asked. Sophia was in absolute misery. Not only was her pain horrible, but now she was vomiting and it just wouldn't stop. She downright hated that woman! Angelique. She was insane and evil from what Sophia had observed of her thus far, and now that woman was threatening to kill her? It was quite possible Angelique was just shouting out that threat because of her temper, but what if her threat was serious? Jeremy came back a few minutes later and set down the items on his desk. He crouched down on his knees and wrapped his arms around Sophia as she heaved some more. After another few minutes, the vomiting had stopped and it left her shaking pretty hard. She was in so much pain! Sophia had tears that streamed unnoticed down her face and she was fully aware that Jeremy's arms were wrapped around her. She actually felt gratitude that he was there and being so kind and helpful. Sophia moved herself away from the pail and sat on the floor with her head resting against the wall. Jeremy brushed a few stray sections of her hair that had come loose from her pins and were wet at the ends from her vomit, then he took a handkerchief from his pocket to clean them for her. Once he was finished, he pinned the loose hair back up for her, then grabbed the water and the laudanum from the desk and sat down beside her. Sophia's eyes were tightly closed and she was breathing in and out through her mouth at a steady pace. He carefully observed her pallor which was very white, and her forehead was beaded with sweat. "Would you like the laudanum now?" he asked her quietly. She nodded her head yes and he measured out a dose and gave it to her. Next, he handed the cup of water to her which she quickly drank up. "May I have some more please?" she whispered. He took the cup from her hand and went to retrieve some more water for her. Sophia slowly opened her eyes as the laudanum seeped it's way through her body as if it were numbing her on the inside. By the time Jeremy returned, the pain was just about gone. He handed the cup to her and she once again drank all of it. He squeezed his way past her and grabbed the garbage receptacle, then left the room. After several minutes he returned with it and it was now empty and clean. Sophia noticed there was a few droplets of water still on it as Jeremy placed in back in it's spot, then he sat down on the floor next to her and took one of her hands within his own. "Are you feeling any better?" he questioned. Sophia looked over at him with dopey eyes and smiled, "Yes I am. Thank you very much." "What is this I heard about you having surgery?" he asked out of concern. "Yes, I had one but I don't want to talk about it just yet." Sophia replied. Her mind was becoming quite muddled. "Look," he said, "I am so sorry for what happened. I might get fired after that, but I could honestly care less. She had no business doing that to you whatsoever! I think we should press assault charges against her. She should not be allowed to get away with what she's done!" "I agree Jeremy." Sophia replied hazily. She felt so very odd. Her whole body had this weird feeling and she was beginning so feel so drowsy. "How much of that stuff did you give to me?" she asked him in a mere whisper. "A whole dropper's worth." he responded. A whole dropper's worth? That was almost double what she was used to taking! No wonder why her body felt so strange! "That's more than I'm used to." she muttered, "I feel so strange. And tired. I need to get home right away." Jeremy looked over at her and could see that she was most definitely loopy. "Don't worry, I will take good care of you my love." he whispered as she drifted off to sleep.


     Sophia slowly awakened to a darkened room, still feeling quite strange. A masculine arm was draped over her and she could feel a warm body spooning her backside. She was so very drowsy, and it was difficult to keep her eyes open. Soft lips began to kiss the back of her neck which sent tingles coursing through her body of it's own accord. His arm drew her closer to him and then began to lightly caress her right breast and nipple with his fingertips. The feeling was pleasurable and it made her grow warm. A familiar sensation in the apex of her thighs began to thrum. As his fingers circled over her nipple, she felt herself begin to melt. Her back arched when his hand cupped her breast, while his lips moved to the under lobe of her ear. His tongue and lips felt so divine. When her eyes closed once again, she pictured Travis in her mind, and when a hardness could be felt against her buttocks, she knew exactly what it was. His hand reached lower and lifted up her silk chemise so that her full breasts were left exposed. Then the hand once again began to caress it with a lightness that caused Sophia to press herself against him. His lips kissed it's way down her neck, and his tongue helped to stir the passion within her. The hardness moved from her buttocks to just underneath as it pushed against her core, the only barrier in it's way was her bloomers. She felt herself grow moist and purred much like a cat who was being petted in just the right way. Fingers that previously fondled her breasts now lightly touched her skin as they moved their way down until they reached her bloomers. She could feel him untie the strings and move the thin clothing down so that he could caress her at the junction of her upper thighs. His other arm slowly rolled her over so that she was lying on her back, then his lips could be felt upon her own as he kissed them with a sensuality that she welcomed. Within a matter of several seconds, his tongue opened her mouth and inter-mingled itself with hers as the kiss deepened. Simultaneously, his body rolled over just slightly while his fingers played with her bud. His touch felt so deliciously good. Her arms wrapped around his neck and splayed themselves in his soft hair. She could feel him pull off her bloomers completely as a soft sigh escaped her lips. His mouth began to kiss and suckle her right nipple while his finger entered her moistness. His thumb moved over her bud in a back and forth, then circling motions. She felt like she was on fire and was melting like wax from a lit candle. Her left breast tingled instantly when his mouth started to suckle it a tad bit harder. Travis, her mind called out silently. She felt his fingers leave her apex, then his masculine hardness took their place. His lips vacated her breast and moved upwards until they reached her mouth once more and she matched his sensual kiss. He began to enter her moistness ever so slowly and the pleasure within her began to increase. She could feel how tight she was as her core tried to accommodate his shaft. Slowly, he moved the soft tip of it in and out, then deeper and deeper. She felt his lips vacate her mouth to kiss the sensitive side of her neck, just above her collarbone. She was powerless to resist such pleasure. He thrust himself hard and all of a sudden she cried out in pain as she felt like the inside of her had ripped in two. Her eyes flew open but was met with darkness. His breathing became harder as he moved himself in and out of her at a quicker pace. It didn't take very long for the searing pain to subside, but she still felt so uncomfortably tight down there. It was almost as if... as if it were her first time. He pumped himself deeper, drew his hard shaft backwards, then moved it in even more deeply while swaying his hips in a semi-circular motion. As he drove himself into her one last time, he cried out her name in ecstasy as his climax took over. As her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness of the room, it suddenly dawned on her that she was not with Travis and this was not a dream. No, that hadn't been Travis's voice she heard, as she would have recognized it anywhere with that seductive southern drawl of his. She came to a startling realization as she looked up at a familiar face. Tears sprang forth from her eyes as she cried out in panic. Oh hells fire, she had just given her virtue to Jeremy!


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