"Umm.... Hi?" I answered questionably. "I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new?"

"Yeah." He winked. "What's your name?"


Malia is a junior in high school with straight brunette hair, and light blue eyes. She isn't popular – but her friends are enough for her. Malia's life isn't that bad - married parents and an older sister an younger brother. But Mal's life flips upside-down when the new senior comes to town - Louis - and bumps into her in the hallway. He is a dick to her, and she is afraid - the big bad boy with the tattoos, who seems like trouble. •••

What will Malia do? Will she run and hide, or will she stand her ground? Well, we'll see. ;) •••

Copyright © to hiibabexx // Harmful •••

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2. First Days

Malia's POV


"Malia, wake up!" My best friend, Ashtyn, yelled at me. I grumbled into my pillow and rolled over. "Ewww, school!" I moaned.

"We can't be laaaate!" Ash sung. She was already primped up, with her black and white designed leggings and a white tank-top with a tight black jacket over it. Her blond hair was curled to perfection, and her eyeliner wing brought out her bright blue eyes - me, on the other hand, didn't care as much. 

​I reluctantly rolled out of bed, my wild hair in my face. I slipped on a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a tank-top, and a hoodie that had ew written on it. I brushed out the mess on my head called hair, brushed my teeth, and slipped on my neon pink vans. 

"Ok Ash, lets get to school then." I went downstairs to see Ashtyn sitting in front of the TV - of course - with a poptart in hand. "You ready?" I asked. 

"Of course!" Ashtyn was that kind of person. She cared what people thought of her. Se always dressed nice, her hair down, makeup perfect, with an outgoing personality. Me, on the other hand, was quiet the opposite. I always wore what I wanted. Whatever was comfy. I wore light makeup, just mascara, and kept my hair how it naturally was - straight, or in  a bun, and I kept to myself. 

We head out to my car - she lived with me since freshman year, when her parents died in a car crash. My mom and dad loved Ashton. They took her in immediately. We climbed in, with me driving, since Ashtyn wouldn't (the whole parent thing). It was a ten minute drive to the school, and on they way there, we jammed to our favorite songs - duh.

"We're heeeeeeeere!" Ash yelled. "Yep..." I muttered to myself. As we were walking in and assigned to our lockers, i seen him. As in him. I don't know who he is, but woah. He had tattoos all over his arms, brown hair and blue eyes, and was surrounded by the cheer team. There we three other guys with him - one with long brown hair and green eyes (with tattoos of course), another with tattoos that had brown hair and eyes, and last but not least, a blonde with blue eyes, naked of tattoos. They were hot, I'll admit that. 

"Wow..." Ashtyn commented. "They're hot!" I don't let on to guys. If I like someone, I keep it to myself. Not that they're my type...

"Well... I mean, look at all of those tattoos. They're obviously bad." I tried to tear Ashtyn's eyes off of their biceps.

"If they're bad, then they're just my type." Ashtyn marched over to them, with her pearly white teeth shining. 

"Hi boys." She said in her flirty voice.

"Hey sexy." The one with the long hair said. "What's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Ashtyn - but you can call me Ash." She winked.

"I'm Harry. I'll see you around." Oh great. Ashtyn has already got one of them. They four boys walked away, and Ashtyn turned around. "Oh my god." She said dramatically. "They are so yummy." 

"Eh." I replied. "Lets go to class." Ash and I parted ways, since we only had two classes together.

I walked into my home room - with the English teacher, Mrs. Stoute - and sat in the very back, just where i like it. I pulled out a notebook and started doodling.

"What're you drawing there?" A rough voice asked. I looked up and seen one of the boys from the hallway. 

"Oh, um, nothing, why?" The one with brown hair and blue eyes looked at me. 

"Just curious. Also, you're in my seat." 

"Um, no I'm not." I defended myself.

"Yeah you are. I always sit in the back corner. Get up." He growled. His lip piercing looked threatening. 

"There's another corner over there, y'know." I pointed out.

"I want this one." His bright blue eyes peirced through mine.

"No." I held the gaze.

"Fine. I'll just make your life a living hell for the rest of the year." He winked and sat next to me. Ugh. 







Ok everybody! I don't know how good this was - was it too short? Please comment and tell me how I can make it better! This is my first Movella, and I can (truthfully) use all of the help I can get! TYSM!! 




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