Black Magic

Salina Black was Sirius Black's only daughter. After living a life where she wasn't wanted until she was given her letter to a school of magic, she learned everything she needed to know about herself and her special talent, or what made her "a freak." But there was only one thing that wasn't certain. If she could possibly be going to school with her god-brother's children, and her father died when her god-brother was 15, how could she possibly be in this school of wonders? Most importantly, how could she possibly be alive?


8. The Missing Girl

     Lily Luna opened her eyes and slumped out of bed. As she gradually woke up, she slowly walked over to Salina’s bed to wake her up.

     “Salina, get up,” she said, as she started to shake her friend awake. Lily jumped at the frightening sight in front of her.

     Lily quickly made her way to the spiral staircase that lead down to the common room. She reached the bottom of the stairs and looked for her friend, but there was no one to be found. Suddenly, a figure in the shadows caught her eye. She ran over to the figure, in hope that it was her friend, only to find her cousin, Hugo.

     “Sorry, Hugo. I thought you were someone else,” Lily said. The tone of her voice made it obvious that something was worrying her.

     “What’s wrong?” Hugo asked.

     “Nothing,” Lily answered, attempting to make herself sound fine. “Have you seen Salina?”

     “No. I thought she was still in bed.”

     Lily was now wide awake. She dashed up to check Salina’s bed again to see it had been made, and that there was no sign that anyone had ever slept there. Lily threw open the lid of the chest to find it was empty as well. Lily stood up and turned around to find Hugo standing in the door.

     “Do you think she is down in the Great Hall?” he stated, to try and calm Lily down again.

     “Ya,” she answered, trying to assure herself. “Ya. She must be in the Great Hall.”


    Lily Luna and Hugo made their way from the Gryffindor common room to the great hall. They spent all of breakfast searching for their friend, but Salina was nowhere to be found. The two had sat by their siblings, Rose and James II, but forgot them in their search for Salina. Rose, Hugo’s older sister, saw their facial expressions, worried and confused.

     “What are you two looking for,” she asked.

     “Have you seen Salina?” Hugo asked, ignoring her question.

     “No. Last I saw her was last night after McGonagall took her out of the hall. Why do you ask?”

     “She wasn’t in bed or in the common room,” Lily answered, still searching for Salina.

     Lily briefly glanced at Rose’s face, looked away to search again, and looked back at Rose. Then she stared at James’, Lily’s oldest brother, expression. Rose, Lily, James, and Hugo all shared the same face, worried and confused, but this time, there was fear.

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