Black Magic

Salina Black was Sirius Black's only daughter. After living a life where she wasn't wanted until she was given her letter to a school of magic, she learned everything she needed to know about herself and her special talent, or what made her "a freak." But there was only one thing that wasn't certain. If she could possibly be going to school with her god-brother's children, and her father died when her god-brother was 15, how could she possibly be in this school of wonders? Most importantly, how could she possibly be alive?


7. The Gift

     It was the month of November and everyone was so very ready for the holidays. Everyone became silent as Professor McGonagall began to speak. When she had finished, food appeared on platters, exactly as it would happen at every meal. Professor McGonagall walked up to Salina halfway through dinner. The only sound to be heard was the crackling of the fire in the fireplace.

     “Salina, I need for you to come with me.”

     The next sound heard, the sound of feet walking out of the Great Hall. When the doors had closed, everyone broke into chatter questioning what would happen to the girl.


     “You are aware of how I have write your life in a journal?” Professor McGonagall asked Salina, while flying around her office collecting things and placing them on her desk.

     “Yes, ma’am,” Salina answered.

     “Do you understand why I pulled you out of the Great Hall, then?”

     “No, ma’am. I don’t.”

     “Well it seems that someone or something has gotten a hold of your journal and that your latest entry has made its way to the Ministry of Magic.”

     “I don’t understand what you mean. My entry about how I could possibly be alive?”

     “Yes. And it seems the Ministry recalls a death when you claim that you were a year old.”

     “Are you saying I killed someone?”

     “Not on purpose, no. It seems that the Ministry happens to remember ten years ago a witch became in love with silver necklace with a letter ‘S’ on it and not long after finding it, she was found dead in her home with no trace of the necklace. When the muggle police had searched, they found nothing, and so they believed it had just been a stroke or heart attack. The Ministry let is go up until now.”

     McGonagall pointed at the silver necklace with an “S” that lay upon my chest.

     “This necklace killed someone?”

     “So what does this have to do with me?”

     “That is what they believe. Now the Ministry of Magic believes that you have something to do with this and will ask questions, questions you can not answer yet.”

     "What am I supposed to do then?"

     “I remember reading an entry about how a teacher, whom you described as a giant, seemed vaguely familiar. That teacher is Rubeus Hagrid. He collected you from the house before the muggle police arrived along with that.”

     "What does a teacher have to do with anything?"

     "You will stay with him for a week at most. You shall leave when I retrieve you."


     “You need to hide until the Ministry is convinced that you have nothing to do with the murder of that woman.”

     “Am I supposed to hide in the castle after the week at Professor Hagrid's then?”

     “Yes, but he may prefer you just call him Hagrid.”

     “Where do I hide after?”

     “You shall hide in plain sight.”

     “But if everyone can see me, how would I be hiding?”

     “Someone sent this to you as a gift.”

     Professor McGonagall handed Salina a flat, brown box. Salina took the lid off to find a silver cloak with a note that read:


Thought you might need this


     It didn’t say who it was from, but Salina had a hunch.

     “Well put it on then!” McGonagall exclaimed. Salina put on the cloak. The next thing she knew, every part of her body below her neck had disappeared. Salina looked up at McGonagall to see if she knew what had happened to her body.

     “That is an invisibility cloak. Anything under it becomes invisible. The cloak, however, only blocks sight and not sound.”

     Salina wrapped the cloak around her body. The last sign Headmistress McGonagall had of Salina being in her office was the door opening and closing on it’s own.

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