Black Magic

Salina Black was Sirius Black's only daughter. After living a life where she wasn't wanted until she was given her letter to a school of magic, she learned everything she needed to know about herself and her special talent, or what made her "a freak." But there was only one thing that wasn't certain. If she could possibly be going to school with her god-brother's children, and her father died when her god-brother was 15, how could she possibly be in this school of wonders? Most importantly, how could she possibly be alive?


4. Author's Note 1: PLEASE READ

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Because I'm American, I may have words in here that are different in than in the United Kingdom. For example, what we Americans call fries the United Kingdom calls chips. And what we call chips the UK calls crisps. I will try to use the correct words used in the UK, but I make no promises. If you see anything that you know is different in the UK than it is in America, please leave it in the comments and I will make a translation list.


     Thank you for reading what I have so far and I will try to update more chapters when I have the chance.

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