Beautiful life

I am 14 years old. I'm writing all my thoughts here. Hard times, good times.
Feel free to comment.
(I'm from Denmark so my English is not perfect. Don't judge)


14. February

Sunday 5.

Today I played lasertag with my classmates and it was really great. We played in teams, my class was divided in two teams and then a younger class was divided in two. We competed against each other and my team won. It was really funny. My class has had a lot of problems lately so it was really nice to do something together and see everyone having a good time. I also talked to people that I wouldn't normally talk to and found out that maybe they aren't that bad at all. It's been a long time since I have laughed and smiled that much and been this happy. I feel like I'm more part of the unity than I was before. It's great! I'm really excited and happy and I don't want anything or anyone to ruin that. Tomorrow I'm going to smile and be happy and confident and talk to people, I'm going to let myself be happy!

Monday 27.

I've actually been really happy lately, I love it. There has been so many people telling me how strong and beautiful I am and it just makes me feel like I giant ball of glowing happiness, it's great! I have an appointment with some kind of special teacher every second week. She told me that my teachers said that it's so great to see me and that I'm glowing.

Well this teacher and I decided to work together on a presentation about depression, anxiety and cutting that she could present to my class and then they could ask me questions if the want to. We're doing it because a lot of my classmates first of all don't really know what happened to me and my friend last year, they just knew that we were cutting, but no one really told them what was wrong, and secondly some of my classmates have been making fun of it, and I think that it's because they don't really understand what it feels like to be in it. So that's why I thought that I would include myself by letting them ask me questions about it. I also think that it will show them that I trust them. I'm really excited about it.

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