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This is not a story. Each chapter is a preview of my published books links to my website will be at the end of each preview. I hope every one Enjoys these previews. please feel free to comment on each one or all. These Previews are the same as the ones you'll see on amazon, Lulu and wherever these books are sold.


3. The Akahvin Series Book 1 Preface



            There once was a king, he was friendly but some thought he was very naive. He only saw the good in people and felt everyone deserved a second chance. But this was also his greatest weakness. For a former queen lurked in the shadows, ready to take power again. When she married the king, Larendriel was never the same. A darkness swept through the land and the darkness remained for a long time. It didn't seem to have an end. But the Goddess Vida gave a prophecy that made things much worse and it was known then the King of Larendriel didn't stand a chance. Children would sing songs of the evil Queen and the kind King.

            There once was a King friendly and naive,

            he wed a very nasty Queen.

            The King was loved by the people,

            while the Queen was feared.

            One day while walking in his courtyard
            he was struck by an arrow black as the night itself.

            It pierced his heart and killed our once great King.

            Now we live in fear of the evil Queen.

            This poem was written by a man who feared his life would be in danger if he wrote his name to it. So the poet remained nameless.

            But I am getting ahead of myself; that comes later in the story. Let us start from the beginning and with the king. The King was a kind and gentle soul who believed that even the most evil person could change. Some saw it as weakness and they feared attacks from surrounding kingdoms. However, the Kingfs kind nature never got in the way of running his Kingdom. The Kingdom of Larendriel was the second biggest kingdom in all of Frell. (Ifm not joking thatfs what it was called then.)

            The land was divided into some kingdoms and they were at war with each other. But the Kingdom of Larendriel was strong and true. The King at that time was King Argusta. He brought all the kingdoms together to try to solve their problems with words instead of swords. He brought our world back together.

            The Queen she only loved the king, but those who crossed her the price\ their lives. She was only queen in her kingdom until her nephew was old enough to take power. When he , he stripped her of everything; she had nothing. Therefore, she went elsewhere seeking the power she once tasted. It brought her to King Argusta who was seeking a wife. A month later they were married and the people feared her and they were right to. A year later they had a son, Prince Darrian. The King attempted to make him in his image. But not long after the prince turned five King Argusta died from an arrow to the chest. Though many thought the queen was the one who ordered it, what followed after made some people change their minds.

            If you have not guessed yet, I am Prince Darrian, son of Argusta and Queen Sable. My father brought our world back together, but all good things must end \ or so I am told. This is the beginning of my story...


End of Preview

To find out more about The Akahvin Series Larendriel The Prince and The Enchantress follow the link below.



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