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Think about the choices you make to help the environment ��


1. Do you help

Now you may think

How we would link

To such a terrible as this

But there is to,a longer list

Of the many things that we do

Now every second of each day at least five children pass away

Even to the hope of every pray

Know one can stop passing away

Every second of your life

There is always lingering strife

How much water do you use ?

For every gain here's another lose

How much food do you waste ?

Is it just because you hate the taste

Do you eat hungry jacks ?

Do you wear trackie dacks ?

All this comes from the Amazon

The home of our beloved King Kong

Do you use chemical products ?

Don't !!! Cause it kills the ducks

I could go on for ever and ever ,

But that's not my endeavour

So here's a word of advise

To think about over night

Do you think your doing well ?

To help the worlds

balance dwell

So please be careful what you do

What you say

And what you use

There's one last thing I gotta say

Live In Harmony Every Day ❤️

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