Deep quotes

Dearest anyone out there.
I'm an extremely messed up girl, who can relate to nearly every single one of these quotes. I might seem like a really sad and depressing person to be around, and I am. I suffer from depression, and I can't get help. It gets worse everyday, and unfortunately I hurt the people around me, while I'm hurting myself. Feel free to give me some feedback on this movella.

- Sincerely, Me.


191. 10 - 08 - 2016

and her mind wanders.
She tends to think about
something that happened
5 years ago, or something
that happened 2 hours ago,
or something that could
happen 10 years from now.
Her mind is like a hurricane,
it's a wreck.
It's full of beatiful yet
awful thoughts.
It's 1AM
and her mind continues
to wander.


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