Deep quotes

Dearest anyone out there.
I'm an extremely messed up girl, who can relate to nearly every single one of these quotes. I might seem like a really sad and depressing person to be around, and I am. I suffer from depression, and I can't get help. It gets worse everyday, and unfortunately I hurt the people around me, while I'm hurting myself. Feel free to give me some feedback on this movella.

- Sincerely, Me.


69. 10 - 04 - 2016

Don't tell me that I'm beatiful
until you've seen the marks
etched in my skin
and the ones on the inside,
on my heart,
that I hide.


Don't tell me that I'm strong
until you've seen me break down,
fall apart,
time and time again,
and cry until the tears no longer come.


Don't tell me that I'm a wonderful person
until I shut you out completely
and push you away
because I promised myself
that you're just like the rest
and you'll get tired of me too.


Don't tell me that I'm lovely
until you've seen what nights are like
and the terror that sometimes possess me
seen me sob and tremble and question "why me?"
until i run out of air
and collapse.


Don't tell me that I'll get through this
that this is only temporary
until you've seen the inner torment
inside of my mind
and the demons that refuse
to be silent.


But if you have seen that other part of me,
the scars, pain, insecurities, and bitternes
that i hide,
the voices that whisper during the day
and scream during the night,
the darkness lurking behind my smile,
and you still stay by my side
and think me truly beatiful,
then maybe... just maybe... I believe you.

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