Deep quotes

Dearest anyone out there.
I'm an extremely messed up girl, who can relate to nearly every single one of these quotes. I might seem like a really sad and depressing person to be around, and I am. I suffer from depression, and I can't get help. It gets worse everyday, and unfortunately I hurt the people around me, while I'm hurting myself. Feel free to give me some feedback on this movella.

- Sincerely, Me.


67. 08 - 04 - 2016

Sometimes you meet someone
and even though
you never liked blue eyes,
like your own,
you wouldn't want them
any other color.
Sometimes you meet someone
who's strangest addictions
become beautiful.
Sometimes you meet someone
who's addictions become your own
like a favorite tv. show
or a love for cooking.
Sometimes you meet someone
who'll skip their favorite tv. show
just to spend time with you
and if you're lucky enough
to find that person
marry them.


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