The Waterfall

Coventina Jacobs has always been the quiet one in the family, the good kid. Her brothers tease her for being so smart all the time. Her only escape is in her dreams. Her dreams are wild and vivid. One particular dream has come back time after time though; the one of the guy next to the waterfall whose eyes would not open, yet looked so peaceful and handsome. What happens when their lives connect? Only, his life in on the line...


1. Reoccurring dream

Coventina's POV

I woke up in a big field. A beautiful wolf ran up to me. She had white fur and sparkly gold eyes. She whimpered into my side. I snuggled her until I felt something wet on my dress. I looked down to see blood. There was blood on her paw! She backed up, turned and motion for me to follow. Then she started running but wasn't too fast without one of her front paws. I didn't keep track of where we were going but we ended up next to a riverbank. She beckoned me over to where she was. She started running and I started running to catch up. She ran behind the waterfall that contributes to the river. I followed her up on the rock behind the water and took careful steps so I wouldn't slip and fall to my death. I stopped and looked up.There was an opening. Cool. I eyed the gap between the rock and the floor of the cove. I made a jump for it and looked around. Whoa, there were glowing crystals everywhere. Ahh, there was the she-wolf sitting next to a little pond-like puddle licking her hurt paw. She got up as soon as she was aware I had arrived. She kept on beckoning me over until I started taking my steps gradually getting faster. She ran towards a big rock and jumped up on it. There was a boy. He had his eyes shut and his features were very relaxed. He had honey brown hair and he had a very sharp jawline. This had to be a dream. There was a cracking sound behind me and I saw a girl in the place of the white wolf. She looked up at me with a worried expression. Watch out! I got jumped and blacked out.

​I woke up and fell off the bed. I can't believe it. That dream;again? I can't figure it out. Why? It won't stop. It comes every night. I feel like it must be important. Why else? I better get going now that I'm awake. Right then, my alarm went off. Well, it's time anyway so... I made my way to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and took a quick shower. I got out and went into my closet to choose an outfit for the day. I chose a white button-up and some slacks. I feel more  comfortable in these as I would be going to the local hospital to do my job as a physician. I lived in the small town called Archer City in Texas. Just another day. I looked outside to see the sun shining. Summer felt good this year. I checked the temperature on my phone. 77 degrees. Today looks like a promising day.
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