Ryan Stewart and Dylan Hines are weird, nerdy guys. They were best friends since the day they were born. They surprisingly were born on the same day. They were those sweet guys that you sometimes wish all guys were. They attend Riverside High in Florida and were treated poorly by their peers. They are given the chance to go through a makeover for three months in Venice. They take that chance and go. Money was no problem either. Their parents were rich people. Their mothers were Doctors and so that's how they met. Their fathers were strong lawyers and could take any case any day. But despite being rich, they had decided to live simple lives. But being fed up by people being so mean to them all the time, they take the chance to change for the better. Little did they know it could be a little much.


3. It's Time

Ryan's POV

*Beep! Beep! Beep!* 5:30 a.m. I got ready and walked across the street with my trumpet to get Dylan.

I put the key his parents gave me in and opened the door. I went up to Dylan's room. I started turning the knob slowly, I opened the door. I looked in and saw him snoring his life away in his boxers. I positioned my trumpet at his ear and blew as loud as I could. He fell off his bed screaming. His eyes were crazy and mad. He looked up.

"Dylan! I will kill you!" he said and started chasing me down the stairs.

"Mrs.Hines! Dylan's trying to kill me!" She trudged down the stairs slowly and stopped him by yelling loud enough for even the neighbors to hear.

"Dylan Jayce Hines! If you don't stop right now, I will give you a makeover myself so you don't have to go!" That stopped him fast.

"Okay mom," and he went back up the stairs to get ready. Mrs.Hines looked at me with her arms crossed.

"What did you do this time?" I lifted my trumpet up.

"I woke him up the startling way." She stepped closer. I thought I was about to get in trouble the she did the unexpected. She gave me a high give.

"Nice one." Another reason why she's like a second mom to me.

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