He's the One (Taylor Caniff)

"Hey cutie!!" Taylor said as Sirena walked up to take her met and greet pic with him.

She decided to have him kiss her lips and she'll have her arms around his waist and he had his hands cupping her face.

What was actually going on??


2. Concert Day๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹

Today was February 3rd Taylor Caniff's Birthday!

I was meeting him today. I can't wait I'm gonna jump into his arms. I have my outfit picked out and everything. I was wearing a tie dye cropped tank top I made with Love written across the boobs. Then I was wearing a pair of white skinny jeans. For my shoes I was wearing white vans. Lastly my hair and makeup, my makeup is a light shade of eyeshadow, foundation and concealer, mascara, and some nude lipstick. Then my hair is going to be wavy.

The concert was today at 4. So I wasn't going to school cause I had to get ready early and then go straight there. I was prepared for tonight.

I have the pose I want to do with him to. There's actually 3. Since I have a private meet and greet with him.

1st pose:

He holds my hand with his arm wrapped around my shoulder and then he kisses me as we look into each other's eyes.

2nd pose:

He has he hands in my waist and I have my arms around his neck and we kiss.

3rd pose:

He acts like he's proposing to me and gets on one knee with a ring I gave him to give to me and I have a ring for him.

4th pose:

He holds me bridal style and we look into each other's eyes.

So I think I'm more then prepared for tonight.

What will happen at the concert tonight??

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