The Boy I Left Behind

As winter ends Summer receives the news that she is moving from Ohio. Moving means leaving her BFF, Hailey, behind as well as her BestBoyFriend, Lucas. When she meets her new towns local Badboy at the airport, is it over for Lucas and chance of winning Summers heart? A story of new-love, friendship and a whole lot of drama.

Sorry guys! This is the remake of my first one as I forgot all about it... :I I hope you forgive me... :)


1. The News [1]

I laugh as I walk into Hailey's house with Lucas and Hailey.

"Why would you even say that Lucas?"

"Hmm dunno actually, maybe to annoy you" He chuckles

"Guys give it up" Hailey yells as she walks off to get something for us all to eat

"Hmmm but he's still a douche" Lucas reminds me

"Yea whatev" I say quickly to avoid the painful topic

At that moment Hailey walks in and I instantly think she has been listening the whole time. I forgive her instantly because she saved me from a painful topic.

"So what class we starting the pile on first?" She askes

"Hmm maybe none?" Lucas suggests with a smirk

"Yeah do that if you wanna go to Hell" I say

"Meh hell is probably better than this" He mutters

We play some COD and GTA on Hailey's Playstation and then listen to music to we decide we need to do the homework before we die. Duh, we don't want to have to do our Maths homework when we're 80 fucking years old.

"Hmm how about we do this at lunch because we don't have Maths until last period"

"Yeah I think I should go home anyway, HOLY FUCK ITS MIDNIGHT" I yell

"Yup, we know" They chuckle at my surprised face

I walk out the front door in a hurry and start walking down the dimly lit street. I cross my arms and start shivering. I look around as I hear a car drive down beside me. Lucas leans out the window and beckons me into the car. I run around the car and hop into the other side. I sneak looks at Lucas because it is dark. I jump in surprise when Lucas speaks to me.

"I can tell your looking at me, Summer" He says in a stern tone

I look away embarrassed at the fact that he knew I was watching him, even though I'm usually watching him this time it was different. It felt different at least. He dropped me off at my place and I went up to my room, took my jeans off and slept in my underwear.

I awoke with a start, as my mother was shaking my shoulder to wake me.

"Huh, what do you want?" I muttered

"I have some news..." She trails off

I sit up instantly "What is it?"

She takes in a deep breath "We're leaving Ohio"

"WHAT!?!" I scream "How could we!?!?"

She walks out of my room as I start crying. My phone starts buzzing as I get a call from Hailey.

"Hello?" I sob

"SUMMER, what happened?"

"I'm... I'm le-leaving"

"You're leaving?!?"

"Yup I suppose so..."

"When though?"


"Okay, hold up stay right where you are I'm coming"

"Bring Lucas"

"I will, you know I will"

I end the call and lie in bed thinking about Lucas, Hailey and what would happen to our friendships if I left.

A knock at the door makes me get out of bed glumly and walk to the door. As soon as I open the door Hailey and Lucas envelope me into a hug.

"Hey, it's okay" Lucas whispers into my ear

"It's not though" I sob

They take me back to my room and we all sit and watch the TV. I laugh when we watch Tom & Jerry and cried when Hailey and Lucas sighed. I knew it was highly unlikely that I would see them once I moved. They both left after midnight when I fell asleep, and I felt bad for making them stay but they said they didn't mind.

I awoke slowly and then jumped in surprise to see Lucas in my bed.

"Ahh!" I yell "Why the fuck are you in my bed, Lucas?"

"Uhh..." He blushes

I look around to see Hailey asleep on the floor.

"Let me guess, you guys actually stayed here the night to watch me?!?"

"Uhhhh, yea I suppose so" Lucas admitted

"You lil' over-protective boy" I poked him and he squealed "And you still squeal like a girl" I tease him

"And you... Hmmm, nothing dangit..." He pouts

"Ha, shame!"

"On you!" He comes back quickly

"Dangit" I moan

"Someone get me a cuppa!" Hailey yells at us

"Sir yes sir" Me and Lucas salute as mock soldiers

We walk down the hall to the kitchen and put the kettle on. After five minutes we walked back to my room with a cup of tea for Hailey. I sit down on my bed and get ready for another day of cartoons.



Thanks guys for all the reads on my previous version, but this one will be bigger and have longer chapters! Enjoy!

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