The Boy I Left Behind

As winter ends Summer receives the news that she is moving from Ohio. Moving means leaving her BFF, Hailey, behind as well as her BestBoyFriend, Lucas. When she meets her new towns local Badboy at the airport, is it over for Lucas and chance of winning Summers heart? A story of new-love, friendship and a whole lot of drama.

Sorry guys! This is the remake of my first one as I forgot all about it... :I I hope you forgive me... :)


3. New Guy? [3]

I smack my head on the plane window as I jolt awake.

"Owww!" I complain because my head hurt

My Mom is laughing at me and so are a few other people I don't know. Gah, that's Mom, making friends as soon as we leave Ohio. Tsk tsk. But I suppose it will be good for her, getting out and making friends, unlike me of course. I'm not  the social type, more of a 'I'll stick with my friends and not make anymore' type.

"Come on, about time we got off the plane, Summer" My Mom complained

I followed my Mom off the plane towards the baggage collection point.

"I have some money on me, mind if I go grab a drink?" I asked my Mom

"Not at all"

I ran quickly to the nearest cafe I could see, which of course was the most expensive. As I was speed walking back to my Mom with a bottle of water I bumped into someone.

"Huh!" I gasped in surprise

The person caught me and helped me back up

"I'm Jay" He introduced himself when I looked at him. He had a jawline to die for and hair that made his green eyes stand out.

"I-I'm Summer" I said nervously. I hadn't been here five minutes and I had already fallen over. "I've gotta get back to my Mom"

"Okay? See you around, I hope" He said with a grin. I knew I would definitely be seeing a lot of him now, whether I liked him or not, seeing as our Moms had gotten into a conversation.

I pulled my Mom away as she said goodbye and we found our mountain of luggage.

"We actually own this many clothes?" I gaped

"Yup" My Mom said sadly

"I'm gonna get lost under and no-one will find me" I said with a sad face

"Fine go get a trolley" My Mom said, giving in. She knew how lazy I was when it came to any form of exercise.

I ran off to grab a trolley and we loaded our bags up onto it. We walked around for a bit until we found a free cab. I loaded the bags into the back and climbed into the backseat with my Mom and we started driving.

We pulled up at a nice little house as another car pulled up at the neighboring house.

"This is our new home, and these are our neighbors" My Mom said pointing to the people climbing out of the car that had pulled up next door. I watched as Jay, another boy and a girl my age climbed out. Oh no, I thought. I was living next to Jay!

He waved dramatically at me as I climbed out of the cab.

"No not you, anyone but you!" I shout to him

"Haha" he replied then walked inside his house


Guess what?!? It's my birthday in five days! OMG!!









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