best fewnds


5. chapter 55555555

Harry's POV

when we were close to Niall's house I was going to tell Peyton if we could talk. I was about to walk up to her when Niall took her hand she looked up and smiled I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO MAKE HER SMILE. He said something that made her smile like an idiot.


Peyton's POV

when we got to Niall's harry walked up to me "hey Peyton can I talk to you for a sec" he asked "umm I'n going to talk to Niall but after than I can" I said to him "okay" was all he said "hey Peyton lets go upstairs" Niall told me and took my hand "okay so what do you want to talk about" I asked looking him in the eye "ummwillyoubemygirlfriend" he said really fast "what" I asked "um will you um be my um girl um friend" he asked I was shocked "YES A MILLION TIMES YESSS" I yelled and tackled him and we just looked at each other. he started to lean in and I did the same in till our lips meet his were so warm and soft. we separated and went down stairs smiling "why you so smiley" Natalie asked "Niall you tell them I have to talk to harry" I said and went up stairs "okay make it fast" I said to him "okay well I've been thinking will you like to be my girlfriend'' he asked "sorry but no" I said "what why not" he asked mad that I rejected him "because im Niall's" I said and walked out. I went down stairs and sat next to Niall. "what to play a game" Liam asked looking up fro his phone "TRUTH OR DARE" We all yelled when harry came down he fell I burst out laughing. After our little fit of laughter we started playing "okay Harry truth or dare" Louis asked "ummmm DARE" he yelled "okay I dare you to kiss anyone in this room" Louis said but when he did I went to Nialls lap and put my head in his chest so harry couldn't kiss me when I did there was a silence. I looked up and ever one was staring at me when I was about to speak when I felt lips on mine I knew it was harry so I didn't kiss back when he let go I slapped him hard in the face ( I will write more oh and make sure to check out lou_loves_louis's books)
















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