best fewnds


4. CHAPTER 444444444

Niall's POV

"YAY NO MORE SCHOOL" Peyton yelled (oh by the way the boys look like what they did in2013 they had to finish school before they go on there next tour) "Peyton shhhhhhhhhhhhh" I said "oh sorry anyway are you guys ready to back on tour soon" Peyton said ugh I forgot about tour "Yeah oh and would you want come with because I talked to management and they said you guys could come" "yea sure I would love to" Peyton said "coo well lets go to my house yea" I asked " can we stop at our house so me and Natalie change" Peyton asked picking up her bag "YEAH LETS GO" I yelled

at peytons house......................

"okay make it fast girls'' harry said eyeballing Peyton well she walked inside he better not like her because im going to ask her to be my girlfriend hopefully she says yes. They came back wearing black leggings and neon pink crop tops that say KISS ME on it. "okay girls lets go" Liam said and we headed off.


Harry's POV (NO WAY 😝)

 the girls went in the house I started thinking maybe I should ask Peyton to be my girlfriend I hope she says yes tome and not niall cause I think hes going to ask her.


Peyton's POV

when we were walking to Niall's house I felt someone take my hand I looked up to see Niall and smiled and continued to walk "hey Peyton when we get to my house can we talk" Niall asked "yea sure'' I said and I could help but smile.

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