best fewnds


3. chapter 3

Brooke's POV (shocker)

"okay so Alex I have a plan to get Niall to want me'' I said to my minion ''what you got'' Alex said looking at her phone "okay I was thinking I would throw a party and invite them then I would take Niall and get a boy to go to Peyton and what I will do to Niall will not matter" I said "okay but if you do anything to Niall that makes you go to jail its not going to be my fault and I doubt that there going to come" Alex said still looking at her phone " they better come"


Peyton's POV 

" hey Peyton I heard that Brooke is having a party want to go with me" Natalie asked "no its part of her plan to get Niall to want her" I said "how do you know" Natalie asked "Alex told me". you see Alex is just pretending to be Brookes friend so she can tell me her plans and she said that at the party she was going to make a boy come to me to get distracted from Niall long enough to take him away from me and make him want her. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK  "coming" I yelled and went to open the door. "yelooooooooooo want the poo do you" I said once I saw Brooke standing there " I was won" she didn't finish cause Niall walked threw he door '' hey princess" he said " hey" was all isaid " so like I was saying are you coming to my party " she asked flirting with Niall " STOP FLIRTINGWITH NIALL AND NO WE ARE NOT COMING TO YOUR PARTY NOW GET OFF MY PROPERTY NOW!" I yelled and slammed the door in her face " wow umm okay" was all Niall said " so why don't you want to go he asked " um well she just wanted to make you want her" "how'' '' if we went she would get a boy to come a distract me long enough to tae you to the other room and make you want her" "THAT SLUT" 

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