best fewnds


2. chapter 2

Niall's POV

when I was walking out to talk to Peyton but Brooke stopped me and kissed me I tried pushing her off but she was to strong. when she finally pulled away I yelled at her ''WHAT THE FUCK BROOKE YOU KNOW I DONT LIKE YOU AND YOU DONT JUST GO AROUND AND START KISSING BOYS JUST TO MAKE THEM LIKE YOU YOU slut'' I yelled at her she was crying for some reason. I turned to look at Peyton and she was looking at me with tears in her eyes I walkied over to her to tell her what happened but she just ran so I ran after her " PEYTON WAIT PEYTON" I yelled but she didn't listen. I kept following her I figured out we were at our little hide out I saw her go in our hide out so I followed her. I waited a couple minutes to go in and when I did she was curled in a ball and crying '' Peyton please let me explain'' I asked quietly " what is there to explain first you told her not to hurt me then you go and kiss her" she said sitting up and looking at me straight in the eye. " look I didn't want to kiss her she kissed me I was going to talk to you when she stopped me and kissed me" I said to her calmly " you promise. " yes I promise. "okay then lets go find the others and get back at Brooke'' Peyton said and I new she had something in mind.

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