The Pan-Galactic Song Contest


3. Chapter 3

The Producer tracked the course of the Doctor’s TARDIS and entered the same coordinates into his own before pressing the ‘GO’ button. Nothing much happened, except that a large loudspeaker materialised in the middle of his TARDIS.

      “The Doctor has outwitted us,” moaned the Producer, angrily.

      “What has he done?” asked Zorb, confused.

      “Step outside and you’ll see,” said the Producer. Zorb did as he was told. As he opened the TARDIS’s external door, the front of the loudspeaker began to open as well. When Zorb stepped outside, he found himself standing in front of the giant loudspeaker, still inside the Producer’s TARDIS.

      “He’s put the outside inside!” exclaimed the Producer. “We’re trapped!”


      “Where can he have got to?” asked the Director of Children in Need nervously. “Only a few minutes to go till we’re on the air, and he hasn’t turned up for makeup yet. We may have to cancel.”

      “We can’t do that,” argued one of his assistants. “We’d be letting all the children down. Not to mention a five hour gap in the schedules.”

      “You’re right,” replied the director. “Gaby will just have to carry it all.”


      The clock continued to tick away. With thirty seconds to go, the director explained the situation to Gaby Roslin. The red “on air” light came on.


      “Before we start tonight, I have some sad news,” began Gaby. “Terry Wogan has not been seen or heard since he finished his radio show this morning.” An atmosphere of gloom pervaded the set. Children in Need without Wogan was unimaginable, but it had to go on. Suddenly a brilliant light shone in the centre of the stage and a blue police box materialised. The door opened and Wogan stepped out to  an enormous round of applause.

       “I’m sorry I’m late,” he announced. “The traffic was terrible.”

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