Why Twilight Is Better Than Star Wars

For all "Star Wars" fans. ;-)


9. Movie Ratings

On Rotten Tomatoes, Star Wars: A New Hope got voted with 94 percent.

Whereas Twilight: Part 1 got voted with 48 percent.

Such a pity. All the old school actors totally owned modern training and effects.

The Empire Strikes Back got voted with 94 percent.

New Moon got voted with 28 percent. Ouch!

Return of the Jedi: 79%

Eclipse: 49%

The Phantom Menace: 56%

Breaking Dawn: Part 1: 24%

Attack of the Clones: 66%

Breaking Dawn - Part 2: 49%

How pitiful. Our worst-voted film (Phantom Menace) got voted better than your best-voted film (Breaking Dawn - Part 2).

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