Isabella was a princess in the medieval times, but when she was cursed, her life changes. She flees to the forest before her coronation and no one has seen her since...


1. Prologue

There is a legend of a girl, who was a princess during the medieval times. She loved to explore the woods near her castle. One day, she ran into a witch who cursed her with powers of nature. Anytime she waved her hand, something would happen, but she grew up and learned to control her powers. She was 16 by the time of her coronation, but at the last second, she ran away. The royal guards ran after her but lost her, the last thing that they saw of her was a fragment of her dress. Later, the girl found out that the witch also cursed her to live forever. She lived in the forest until other people started to cut down the trees, so she fled to America. She lives in Yellowstone Park where the mountains are her friends, and the animals are her family. She has only been spotted once, and that is her story.

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