Isabella was a princess in the medieval times, but when she was cursed, her life changes. She flees to the forest before her coronation and no one has seen her since...


2. Chapter 1.

I love looking at the trees in the afternoon light. Just laying on my back and staring up to see the blue of the sky and the green of the trees, it all goes hand in hand. After I stop looking at the sky, I close my eyes and feel the gentle summer breeze against my skin. This is always how I spend my summer afternoon, but summer was coming to a close because the leaves were turning to their beautiful colors. In the distance I could hear the cry of a hawk, I answered the lonely cry. About a minute later the hawk had landed next to me. ¨Hello, how are you on this fine evening?¨ the hawk asked. ¨Fine, thank you, how about you?¨ Since the witch had cursed me, I had figured out that I could not only use nature powers, but I could talk to animals as well as transform into one. ¨Well, it was all good until the rat I saw had disappeared under a bush. If you see one, could you holler?¨ The hawk seemed desperate to have his afternoon snack, ¨Why of course! but I had forgotten to ask what your name is.¨ The hawk paused for a second before answering me. ¨Sky Wing, how about you?" The hawk asked, ¨Isabella, I hope to see you around Sky Wing.¨ and with that, the hawk took off, back into the blueness of the sky, and above the green of the trees. I lay back down into the green grass and closed my eyes. I could still hear Sky Wing in the distance, the great bird searching for his snack. Soon, the sound of the rustling of the leaves and the wind blowing the grass had pulled me into a deep sleep.

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