The Lost Merman

Four years have passed since the defeat of Morgana and everyone is happy until both kings of the land and the sea want to pass their crowns to Eric and Ariel, who can't force themselves to part from each other.
As if that wasn't bad enough, a monster from the sky has come and demand that the kings hand him their crowns or war. Who can save everyone and everything?


8. Let the Battles Begin!

Prince Eric remembered looking on the map and he and Triton decided to march to the Temple of Jaco-Palo. The next morning, Eric's army started marching on the land, while Triton led his army under the sea.
   After marching for two hours, Eric halted his army and he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw the Temple of Jaco-Palo falling into pieces.
   King Triton and his army appeared from the sea and saw what Eric was seeing. Nothing made sense. Neither did the army of the sand monsters appearing in front of them, followed by Jaco-Palo.
   "Hello," greeted the feathered monster. "Come to join the party."
   "What party?" asked Triton.
   "Why, the funeral of your daughter and your granddaughter!" Jaco-Palo grabbed a little orb of magic, threw it in the air and it show Ariel and Melody trapped in his dungeon and the roof falling down on them.
   Eric and Triton nearly began to show their sadness and weakness, but they lit up their angry faces to hide them.
   "We'll stop you before you kill anyone else!" shouted Triton.
   "What's to kill?" asked Jaco-Palo. "You've lost everything – your wife, your daughter and your granddaughter! Oh, I get it. You're fighting for revenge, aren't you?"
   "Well, I'm not! I'm fighting for the survival of my and Triton's species!" yelled Eric.
   "Me too!" shouted Triton.
   "So are we!" shouted both armies.
   "If that's what you want," smiled Jaco-Palo, "let the battles begin!"
   He lifted his wing in the air and threw it down, giving the signal for the sand monsters to attack.
The Land and the Sea Armies braced themselves for impact, but it was not enough as each and every single soldier were caught from the sand monsters that emerged from below.
   "Did you really think it was going to be a fair fight?" Jaco-Palo chuckled.
   "Well, rules were made to be broken!" shouted a voice from the sky.
   Then Jaco-Palo and everyone looked up at the sky and saw Jaco-Palo's entire bird army flying towards them and spitting mouthfuls of water to the sand monsters, realising the prisoners.
   "What are you doing?" Jaco-Palo yelled. "I ordered you to stay."
   "What kind of a good boss are you if you ordered these little birds to die?" asked Chris who had his wings back and was riding on Kevin, who was now the size of Toughclaw! "I've freed them from your spell and given them the freedom to take orders from me."
   "But how did you escape and get your wings back and..." Jaco-Palo could not believe it.
   "Well, let's just say, you're not as powerful as you think you are!" Chris smiled, as if the quiet and shyness was kicked out of him. "I stole a little power orb, enough to give myself wings, escape from that terrible dungeon and everything."
   "Chris? What about Ariel and Melody?" asked Eric.
   "Oh, they're busy!" Chris told him. And he was right.
   Barry was as tall as Kevin and, while he was flying, Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian were on his back and they were throwing tiny orbs to the sand monsters.
   Berry was doing the same, with Melody, Tip and Dash throwing tiny orbs at the sand monsters.
When an orb touched a sand monster, the sand fell off and it revealed a skyman. They were a whole bunch of groaning skymen lying everywhere. The humans helped them up and assured them.
   "Where am I?" one asked.
   "What's going on?" asked another one.
   "We have to stop Jaco-Palo!" shouted a third.
   "Yeah! He's the one who turned us into the evil sand monsters!"
   "You see, Jaco-Palo," Chris said. "Power and greed isn't everything if no one likes you."
   "Oh, I beg to differ," Jaco- laughed Palo as his feather wings turned into scaly wings, his hands and feet turned to claws and his whole body grew ten times bigger and became scaly! Everyone froze as they saw Jaco-Palo the Dragon! The fire-breathing type, actually.
   "Now, either serve me or die!" the dragon yelled.
   "Living under you is no life at all!" asked Chris.
   "Maybe this will make you reconsider." The dragon blew something white out of his mouth and the water vanished, leaving the merfolk and the sea creatures stranded. Then the land people felt a little rumble.
   "He's taking the land away from us!" Eric shouted as he saw the land cracking.
   The skypeople quickly grabbed the humans and flew them up in the air. They watched to see the land vanish into thin air, which was where every living creature was now.
   Then they saw Jaco-Palo breathing fire at them and giving them chase. "You can fly, but you can't hide!" the dragon chuckled.
   "Oh, I beg to differ!" smiled Chris. Then he turned to Kevin. "Full speed to that cloud, Kevin!"
   "Yes, sir!" Kevin said.
   "WHAT?" Everyone was so surprised.
   "Chris may have nearly brought the end of the world," Barry told them, "but he still found the orbs!"
   "And he got us out of prison and is leading to safety!" added Berry.
   "I trust him with my life and so should you! Now let's go!" Kevin said as he flew into the giant cloud, followed by everyone.
   Jaco-Palo swooped into the cloud and tried to find them, but he couldn't find them. So he flew on. Little did he know that Chris and his friends were hiding in that cloud. They were sitting on rock-hard stuff so they could sit or stand.
   "We can fly and hide!" Berry shouted to the dragon.
   "Shh! He'll hear you!" snapped Kevin.
   Then they joined the rest of the species.
   "Well, we lost the land and the sea," sighed Triton, looking at his triton. "You think if we surrender, he'll give them back?"
   "No way!" shouted Captain Talon. "I may have change and I remember me spending time with him and he's not that sort."
   "So what do we do?" asked Eric.
   "We can't spend our whole lives, running from cloud to cloud," Barry pointed out.
   "And this cloud won't stay here forever," added Berry. "And we can't hide forever from Jaco-Palo. He's sure to find us."
   "I suppose the only option is to fight?" asked Tip.
   "Yeah, Tip," agreed Dash. "Like we always say, "If we're going to die, it's better to die fighting than hiding!"
   Everyone murmured about this. Then Kevin arose. "Remember when we saw Jaco-Palo absorb the orbs into himself? We couldn't stand a chance. He'll probably gobble us up when we least ex – "
   "Hey, where's Chris?" Melody interrupted. Then everyone saw that Chris was nowhere to be seen.
   Chris was in fact flying out to face Jaco-Palo armed with nothing but a sword. He knew that was not enough, but he heard what Kevin said about how they couldn't face him because he absorbed all the orbs into him. So his plan was to find the dragon and free the orbs from him. How, he did not know yet.
   He was aware that the dragon could gobble him up, so he was very alert. Then he heard a faint flap. He drew his sword and turned around to face... nothing. Then he turned back around to face... Toughclaw!
   "Hello," Toughclaw greeted. "Looking for a mouth to pop into?"
   "Maybe, but certainly not yours!" snapped Chris.
   "Well, I'm hungry anyway." Toughclaw's beak went for him. Chris flew as fast he could but Toughclaw caught him up. He drew his sword and tried to block off his beak, but the giant griffin's beak caught the sword and eat it. Chris tried to escape, but Toughclaw's claws caught him and his beak was about to feast. Then what went into his beak? Not Chris, but a spear and a sword!
   There stood Kevin, Barry and Berry, with King Triton, Prince Eric, Princesses Ariel and Melody, throwing weapons at the Toughclaw. That freed Chris and he flew away.
   "Go on, young skyman!" cried Triton. "Do what you think you can do!"
   "Just promise to make it back here alive!" shouted Melody.
   "I promise, love," Chris promised, as he flew off.
   While the others were busy with Toughclaw, Chris flew off, hoping to find a giant dragon. But from the large giant sky with no land or water, that was easier said than done. Well, to Chris anyway. Because he just missed giant dragon's teeth! He turned around and saw the most powerful thing in the world – Jaco-Palo the Dragon!
   "Care to join me for dinner?" the dragon asked.
   "Yep," answered Chris. "What's on the menu?"
   "You!" answered the dragon. Then Chris lost his wings again and he fell down!
   "I grow new wings and, thirty minutes later, I lose them again!" complained Chris.
   "Well, life's not fair to you, but finally it is now for me!" chuckled the dragon, as Chris slipped down his throat.

Meanwhile, Toughclaw would have the time of his life if his enemies were a match for him.
   "Come on, you guys are no fun!" he moaned to the bruised humans, merfolk, sea creatures and birds.
   "Have you left some for me?" asked Jaco-Palo, arriving on scene.
   "Yes, sir!" smiled Toughclaw.
   "How would you like to join your friend Christopher in my belly?" asked Jaco-Palo.
   "What? You killed him?" Ariel yelled angrily.
   "Yeah, I know I wouldn't be the most powerful leader in the world without him, but there's no gratitude in my attitude," chuckled Jaco-Palo. "Now join me or join him!"
   "HIM! HIM!" Everyone shouted at him.
   "Boy, that was quick, but if that's what you want – "
   Then Kevin, Barry and Berry shrunk back to their normal sizes and everyone fell off them and fell down to nothing. The dragon's teeth opened and was coming in closer and closer and then they completely shut. The dragon looked like there was something wrong with him.
   Ariel and the gang landed on... land! There saw Eric's army and the Skypeople on the ground nearby and they saw the merfolk in the sea nearby. Then everyone looked up at the sky to see a falling dragon and vanishing into a white illusion. Three things fell out of the cloud of white and everyone saw the Air Orb blending in and exploding itself into the air, the Sea Orb blending in and exploding itself into the sea the Land Orb blending in and exploding itself into the Land. Then they saw the white lighting falling down to the sea and exploding quietly.
   "Come on, let's find Chris!" ordered Ariel as she, Melody, Flounder, Sebastian, Tip, Dash, Kevin, Barry and Berry went to the sea. The sea folk dived in, while the birds flew around to check the area. Berry found something, but not Chris. It was Scuttle the seagull.
   "Did I miss anything?" he asked.
   "You only missed the ultimate battle in the history of the world," answered Berry.
   "Oh, darn!" moaned Scuttle.
   "Berry! Berry!" called Barry from a fair distance. "Help us with this boulder!"
   Berry and Scuttle flew over to help Barry and Kevin move a giant boulder and what was under the boulder was... an unconscious Chris! He was sitting in an area of water
   Kevin flew gently to him. "Chris? Chris! It's your friends Kevin, Barry and Berry."
   "You did it," said Barry. "You saved the world and brought peace between the land, the sea and the air. You're a hero."
   "And you are a very good friend," sighed Berry, giving up hope on Chris.
   "Yeah," Kevin and Barry agreed.
   Ariel and the sea gang appeared next to the birds. "Have you found him?" asked Ariel.
   Kevin only pointed. Everyone was shocked to see him like this.
   Melody swam to him. "Chris, it's me, Melody," she said, calmly and not showing she was worrying. Just like how Chris held his secret love for her, she did the same for Chris. She loved him very much and would've have married him if only he was a prince. "Oh, please, don't die! I don't care if you are a volunteer or a prince, I love you!" Bursting into tears, she kissed him on his lips and he... opened his eyes!
   Melody saw him and jumped back. "You're alive!" she gasped.
   "You're alive!" cried Ariel.
   "Yes, your highnesses, and I'm feeling a little love," moaned Chris. "I meant, er, rough."
   He tried to climb out of the water, but he couldn't get his legs to hold onto the rocks. He looked behind and saw that was because he had no legs! He had a merman's tail!
   "What? Jaco-Palo did tell me that my father was bests with your father, Ariel, but I thought he was lying," he sighed.
   "Oh, you're unhappy now, are you?" said a very squeaky voice. Then everyone turned around to see a canary in a cage
   "Jaco-Palo?" Everyone was surprised.
   "No, I'm just an unnamed canary that has been lost out to sea," lied Jaco-Palo the canary.
   "Nice try, Jaco-Palo," laughed Chris, "but you taught me not buy your own lies!"
   "Yeah, they get you nowhere, don't they?" moaned the voice of another canary trapped in the same cage of Jaco-Palo.
   "Toughclaw?" Chris and the others were surpised.
   "Does a canary have tough claws?"
   Everyone laughed then Chris returned to the merman's tail subject. "This doesn't make sense."
   "Maybe this will," said King Triton, emerging from the sea. With his triton, he show Chris his father and his friendship with King Triton, how Chris was born and got separated due to being stole by Ursula and making him human and sending him out of the sea and onto the land, where Eric found him and hired him to help him around the palace and giving him somewhere to live.
   "Wow! I don't know what to think, say or do," said Chris, barely believing this.
   "Well, if Ariel doesn't want to become the Queen of Atlantica, the throne will pass to you," Triton said.
   Everyone thought and discussed about it...

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