Ranger's Apprentice: The Final Call

Maddie, son of king and queen, Horace and Cassandra, has become a full fledged ranger. First girl apprentice, and women ranger would only make it fitting that she be the mentor to the second girl ranger. Now trusted to find another girl who is fit to serve the corps again, she goes from the Ranger's Apprentice to the Ranger to the Master.


2. 2


     It had been about a week since the thieves had been caught, and Maddie was sitting in her small, but wonderful cabin.  Drinking a cup of coffee and reading the reports from other fiefs, she was having a quiet afternoon until Bumper called out a greeting.  An answering call came from another horse not far away.  Moving to the little door in the cabin, she was just in time to see her former mentor Will riding up.

     His cloak and cloths were dirty with the dirt from the road.  He stopped a few paces away from the front of the cabin, and dismounted from Tug, though he made no move to unsaddle or brush him down.  He must be in a rush.  Maddie thought.  Nodding a greeting to her, he walked in approving the cleanliness of the cabin.

     "Maddie, good to see you again."  Though they were simple words, they spoke volumes to her.  

     "Will, what brings you here today?  I don't suppose you are just riding through."  She had poured another cup of coffee for Will, and gestured for him to sit down.  He took a deep drink before speaking.

     "Gilan, Halt, and I have been talking, and we think it would be a good idea for you to take on an apprentice."  Halt had been retired for many years now, and Gilan was not close behind.  Will had been putting off his retirement until he had trained one more apprentice; after Maddie, he had taken on another apprentice named Daniel.  He was in his 3rd year, but was staying with Gilan to train with him, and learn the art of being the head of the Ranger Corps.  

     "An Apprentice?" Nodding, Will confirmed the point.  

     "As we said before when you became an apprentice; girls open a whole new world of possibilities to the Corps."  Without pause, Will continued.

     "We want you to train your first apprentice as a girl...What better master then the first girl ranger in the corps?"  The proposal wasn't really a proposal at all, more of a soft demand.  Nodding, Maddie was very interested in what this may mean for her.  This was her fourth year on her own as a Ranger, and though she was the Princess of Araluen, she was a Ranger first, and always would be.  Her father and mother were governing the kingdom, and while she would take the throne sooner or later, she was banking on later, for her mother and father still had much life in them yet.  

     "Do you have anyone in mind?"  Knowing the answer, she felt foolish to ask.  She still hadn't mastered the 'rangers code of teasing and jesting" quite yet.  

     "As a matter of fact I do, but it is always your choice."  After seeing that Maddie wasn't going to interrupt, he continued.

     "Much like you were, there is a girl that is the daughter of Baron Wilson, she is not as behaved as she should be, and her father is getting fed up with her actions.  Though she is not the daughter of the high king and queen of the kingdom, she is still a girl that needs discipline.  Her father is aware that we are looking into having her as part of the corps, and understands that this is not just a few day thing."  Musing over this new information, she asked another question,

     "And the girl?  How does she feel?"  Will's impassible face made it very difficult to get any information out of him until he deemed fit to tell her.

     "As I said, her father is the one that came to us, not her."  Nodding, she now understood why it would be her taking on this girl.

     "You want to have me train her because of my experience with you?"  

     "Yes, and no.  We want you to train her because you went through a transformation from a spoiled princess to a Ranger.  It's time you pass that to her."  Nodding, Maddie agreed.

     "Very well, if she is agreeing, I will meet her here in 3 days time at sunhigh."  said Maddie.  

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