*Entry for the Bad Boy Competition*

I would like to enter the cover as well :)

Girls will, most likely fall for the Bad Boy. And with that in mind, a few senior boys decide to become that special Bad Boy
"This is not your high school, "How to become a Bad Boy class", you are in senior year, this is "The BBP". This takes, time, skills and of course, for those who have it, badness."


4. 3.




"What's up with him?" Niall pointed at Liam. I diverted my gaze from my black painted nails at the boy I made a bet with a few days ago. His usual checkered shirt was replaced by a white ripped t-shirt and his once floppy light brown hair was shaven cut at the sides and neatly placed up in a quiff. His left hand was wrapped in a white bandage which was not very visible from underneath the warn out leather material of his newly bought black biker jacket.

"Did he punch someone?" Niall gawked at Liam's hand who was now showing it off to Zayn. Liam nearly never spoke to Zayn always declaring that Zayn was "full of himself". I watched the two talk and laugh, ignoring Niall's comment. I was beyond astonished with Liam's attitude. Yesterday he ditched school and today he might have punched someone in the face, the outcome of which was befriending Zayn Malik.

"Chloe, are my eyes lying to me or is he really talking to Malik?" Niall run a nervous hand through his hair and looked at me.

I was clueless. I did not know what to say and so, I decided it would have been best to stay quite. I did not want to blow up on Niall, he was so innocent and seeing his best friend like this must have hurt him. I shrugged instead and smiled a small friendly smile at my friend who slumped next to me on the stairs of the school's entrance and watched Styles walk up to Zayn and Liam.

Liam slumped in the seat next to me in class the way only Styles does. Everything about the way he moved showed laziness. He leaned back in his chair and looked my way as if checking me out, which I was sure he was doing. Then he looked down at my black spiral notebook and ball pen. 

"Can I have a pen?" he asked showing no emotion in his voice. At a loss of words, I nodded never taking my gaze off his white hand as he extended it over my desk and picked up the pen. 

"Oh, and paper." he said matter of factly not even trying to be polite. I took my time ripping out the sheet of pale paper from my notebook and took extra time to examine his bandaged hand as he reached to take it from me.

"Liam, what is that?" I asked having no patience to wait up to the time he will finally take off the bandage.

Liam smirked, "Oh, you will see very soon love."


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