Once In a Life Time [l.h]

Maiaa Ingrid Irwin is Ashton Irwin's baby sister.
Ashton is in a band.
One Direction found out about his band and promotes his band to be the opening act for OneD themselves.
Ashton band is called 5 second of summer, includes Calum Hood, Michael CLifford and Luke Hemmings.
WHat happens when Ashton brings Maiaa along ?


1. How it all begins.

Maiaa Ingrid Irwin /


I was just casually lurking on people's twitter accounts, being careful on not retweeting or liking anything. Laying in bed, with my adidas top and pajama shorts.

suddenly My bedroom door opens with 3 boys rushing in and jumped on my bed.

" MAIAA MAIAA, WE GOT NEWS ! " The black haired one, i guess its Calum shouts out.

" WHAT WHAT ? " My eyes open wide and get off the bed to avoid being jumped on.

" LOUIS TOMLINSON JUST NOTICED ONE OF OUR COVERS AND HE FOLLOWED US AND DM-ING US ! " Ashton, my brother screams. " Um, that's great. Do you guys mind if you all get down from my bed " i cleared my throat.

The 3 of them got down, something is strange. How is there 3 dudes, i thought it was 4 ? I tapped on Calum's shoulder.

" I thought, there was 4 of you nasty guys ? " I had to be sarcastic for once, ayee.

" Luke, is. Well, i don't know where he is at " Michael answered. Well, here goes one adventure.


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