Jane Courson is a girl that lived in Scotland with her parents. Being the only child, she was given anything money could buy, but to her, money wasn't everything. She wanted fun, love and adventure in her life, something that was always denied for many years.
Two days after school was over, she made the decision to run away from home, moving to London and looking for adventure.
In London, her curly haired neighbour, not knowing that he was the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction, becomes her best friend and changes her life forever.


5. Chapter 5

The next morning I slowly opened my eyes, avoiding the light that was pouring through the window and looked at the clock in the nightstand, it read 9:13am. I threw the bed sheets off the bed and sat up, squeezing my eyes together and feeling a slight headache.

“Fuck.” I brought my hand up to my face and rubbed my eyes gently, opening them slowly. I looked around the room and noticed that Harry wasn’t next to me.

“Harry?” I shouted but he didn’t answer. I yawned and then noticed a note on his pillow, the note read:

I had to go to the studio with the boys. I’ll be back around 7pm. I left some water and Advil for your possible headache on the nightstand(:
Love, Harry
PS. Sorry about yesterday.

I smiled and sat on the edge of the bed to drink the water and take the Advil. When I got out of bed, I noticed that I wasn’t wearing my clothes, I was wearing a black Jack Wills hoodie and a pair of boxer shorts, Harry’s clothes. They smelled like Harry’s cologne and it made me smile. Crap, that means he saw me in just my underwear.

After brushing my teeth I walked down the stairs towards the kitchen and grabbed myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast, eating it quietly in the living room. After I finished breakfast I washed the bowl and walked upstairs to clean Harry’s room a bit before taking a shower. My furniture arrived today so it was going to be a busy day.

At 11 in the morning a big truck with my new furniture arrived, and thankfully, the three men helped me get everything inside, all the furniture, ornaments, rugs and TV and helped me assemble everything that needed to be assembled. It took them about two hours to get everything done, and while they did that I placed all the small things where I wanted. I gave them $50 each for helping me with my furniture and for helping me set up everything and thanked them. I loved how my new home looked like with everything on its place and smiled to myself.

Within a couple of hours I was unpacking some cardboard boxes that were in the living room, the ones with the words ‘Bedroom’ and ‘Kitchen’ on them.

By 5 o’clock everything was looking quite good. My bedroom had a queen size bed, a bed stand that held a lamp and a small alarm clock, there was a big white closet next to my bed, which was now filled with my clothes, and there was also a small desk with a lamp on it in front of my bed.

After a long day of arranging everything and unpacking I decided to watch some TV. I was aimlessly flipping through channels and came across with an interview on some random channel. I was about to change the channel when I saw someone familiar. There he was, Harry Styles! But not just him, there was also Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. They were all happy and smiling. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was I really seeing them?

“Hello everyone, and welcome to our interview with One Direction.” The interviewer said.

This was amazing, I couldn’t believe I didn’t know who they were. They were being interviewed about their upcoming Up All Night tour in America. I ordered some pizza and made myself a cup of tea as I watched the interview. They were talking about their celebrity crushes, some funny stories at tours, and such.

“Now the question that everyone wants an answer to: who is single and who is not?” The interviewer asked.

“Liam, Zayn, we all know you are in a relationship. How is everything going?”

“Couldn’t be happier.” Liam smiled.

“Zayn, what about Perrie and you?”

“We’re doing alright. Working around both of our careers but we make it work.” He smiled.

“Now, Louis, Harry and Niall, are you dating anyone?”

“No.” The three guys said.

“Really Harry? Are you single?”

“I am.”

“Tell us, who is this girl you’ve been photographed with for the past days?” The interviewer questioned him as he showed a picture of Harry and me outside of the Italian restaurant, a picture of us in IKEA holding hands and laughing, and a picture of us outside the club. “Is there something we all want to know, Harry? Who is the girl?”

“She’s just a friend.”

“Are you sure?” The interviewer asked with a smile.

“Yeah we really are just friends. Actually we just met a few days ago but we’ve been hanging out quite a bit. She’s great, very sweet girl. Right, guys?”

“Yeah.” They all nodded.

“Lovely girl.” Louis said smiling.

“Friends don’t hold hands, Harry.” The interviewer said with one eyebrow raised. Harry laughed nervously. “Care to explain?”

“Well we were buying furniture and laughing because that’s what a married couple would do, so we kinda pretended we were a married couple.” The interviewer laughed.

“Why were you buying furniture?”

“She was. She had just moved here from Scotland so she didn’t have any.”

“You haven’t told us, what’s her name?”

“I don’t want to tell you.” He smiled.

“Oh come on, why not?”

“Because we don’t want her to get hate.” Louis said and I smiled.

“That’s sweet. Harry, do you see her in your future love life?”

“I don’t know.” He smiled shyly.

“She’s mine.” Louis whispered at Harry, loud enough to be heard.

“Shut up, Lou.”

“Well you heard it girls, there’s nothing to worry about this mystery girl. Harry Styles is still single.”

They continued with questions about their new single and such, this was a bit shocking, I still couldn’t believe he and the boys were in a very famous band and I had no idea.

When the interview was over I decided to watch a Beatles’ movie to distract myself from this. ‘Help!’ was one of my favourite movies, god I love those guys, they are the best band ever!
I was in the middle of the movie, in the part where Ringo is kidnapped, when I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Harry.

“Oh hello there, Styles.” I said when I opened the door. “Come in.”

“Thanks.” He said as he stepped inside. “You have furniture now. It looks great.”

“I know. I still have some boxes to unpack but it’s almost done.” I smiled. “So… One Direction huh?”

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