Jane Courson is a girl that lived in Scotland with her parents. Being the only child, she was given anything money could buy, but to her, money wasn't everything. She wanted fun, love and adventure in her life, something that was always denied for many years.
Two days after school was over, she made the decision to run away from home, moving to London and looking for adventure.
In London, her curly haired neighbour, not knowing that he was the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction, becomes her best friend and changes her life forever.


2. Chapter 2

"Welcome to the Styles Hotel, I hope you enjoy your stay here." I couldn't help but laugh at his posh accent. "There will be snacks and movies to come."

"This is lovely. Thank you so much for letting me stay here, Harry." I smiled.

"My pleasure." He smiled.

"Where is Cat?" I asked looking around.

"Sleeping over there." He said pointing to the window. I smiled at how cute she looked curled up over there. "Now how about we watch a movie? We can eat some ice cream, watch another movie, or maybe we can sleep. How does that sounds?"

"Sounds great!" I smiled. "Where can I get changed?"

"Right here, love." He said with a cheeky grin.

"Very funny." I laughed.

"My bedroom. Upstairs, first door on the left."

"Thanks. I'll be right back." I said walking upstairs.

His bedroom was very clean, I was kind of expecting it to be messy like usually boys had but it wasn't, it was very neat.

I walked to his bed and placed my bag on it, taking out my pyjama and my makeup remover wipes and placing them neatly next to it. I changed into my pyjamas and took my contact lenses off before removing my makeup. I just met Harry and was going to see me without any makeup and with my dorky glasses, I wasn't sure how to feel about that.

When I walked downstairs Harry was looking for a movie through his movie case. I walked slowly towards him, making no noise.

"BOO!" I yelled placing my hands on his shoulders.

"AH!" He yelled, placing his hand on his chest, making me laugh really hard at his reaction.

"I scared you, didn't I?"

"No, you didn't scared me." He said, poking my waist and making me jump.

"Don't do that!" I said laughing as I walked away from him.

Harry slowly walked towards me with a crooked smile, wanting to tickle me. I took a pillow from the couch and threw it at his face. I laughed so hard when the pillow landed on the floor after hitting his face.

"It's war then."

He threw the pillow back at me, but failed miserably when I dodged, making it hit the couch. I grabbed the pillow again and hit Harry with it as we both laughed.

"Okay! Stop!" He said laughing.

I hit him with the pillow one more time before stopping and throwing the pillow across the room, it was a bad idea, because right when I stopped he started tickling me on my sides. I laughed and tried to walk away from him but tripped on something and fell down on my bum.

"Ouch that hurt!" I said as I lied on the floor, laughing really hard.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Help me up?"

"No!" Harry straddled me and continued tickling me instead of helping me. I begged him to stop, I hate being tickled!

"Harry! Please!" I said between laughs. "Please stop!" I begged while laughing out loud.

"Never!" He said and kept tickling me.

With all my strength I grabbed both of his wrists to stop him from tickling me again and pushed them away. We ended up looking at each other deeply while trying to catch our breath.

"Well that was fun." I said smiling. "Just the part when I tortured you with a pillow."

He smiled and planted a kiss on my forehead before he rolled over and lied down beside me. Our eyes were looking at the ceiling as we caught our breaths after laughing.

"So... what movie are we watching?"

"Oh right." He said standing up, walking over the movie case."What about Love Actually?"

"Perfect. I love that movie!" Harry helped me up and we sat next to each other on the couch, getting ready to see Love Actually.

"Oh I forgot the popcorns. I'll go get some, be right back ." He said.

While Harry was in the kitchen I quickly walked to my bag and took my glasses out, putting them on. He came back a few minutes later with a large bowl of popcorn, two bottles of water, ice cream, oreos, and m&m's. He sat next to me and started the movie.

"That is so cute." I said as the wedding scene started.

l always got emotional during this part, it was so beautiful, I could feel a tear running down my cheek. Harry looked at me smiling and put his arm around my shoulder.

"My wedding has to be like this." I laid my head on Harry's shoulder as I laughed at my silliness. "All You Need is Love must be playing at the end, just like that." He smiled and kissed my head.

"You smell nice." He said.

"Thank you." I said softly, making a weird face.

"It was a compliment." He laughed and started tickling me.

"Stop that!" I laughed and hit his arm.

"Hey!" He said pouting.

"Don't be a baby you started." I said kissing his cheek. He smiled.

"Can I have another kiss?" I smiled and kissed him again.

"My turn." He said and started showering me with kisses.

Somewhere during the movie we accidentally touched each others hands when we reached to get popcorn and blushed at it, but it wasn't awkward at all, it was sweet. We got distracted by each other for a few minutes, we laughed and threw popcorns into each other mouths, both of us impressively catching most of them.

When the movie ended we decided to get to know each other a bit more so Harry suggested 20 questions just to have some fun.

"Favourite colour?" He started.

"Blue. Favourite food?"

"Tacos! How old are you?"

"Sixteen. Favourite animal?"

"Sixteen?" He asked a bit surprised.

"Yes." I smiled. "I'll be seventeen in a couple months. Now answer the question!"

"Cat, I love cats." He laughed. "Full name?"

"Eleanor Jane Courson. Childhood pet?"

"A hamster named Hamster."

"Original." I laughed.

"Shut up! Your cat is called Cat!"

"I know." I laughed and ate some Oreos.

"Favourite band?"

"The Beatles! I absolutely love them!" I said, my mouth full of Oreos. "Do you play any instruments?"

"No. Well I can play the kazoo." He said while eating a few cookies.

"So you can't."

"A kazoo is an instrument, isn't it?" I laughed.

"No it's not."

"Fine, then I can't." He smiled. "Favourite movie?"

"Titanic. Umm... I can't think of anything else. Favourite ice cream?"

"Mint chocolate chip." He said chuckling. "Can I kiss you?"

"Oh crap." I said when I dropped a cookie on the floor. I quickly picked it up with a napkin and placed it on the coffee table, completely ignoring Harry's question.

"So, can I?"

"No, you can't." I said smiling and then I kissed his nose.


Later on we watched Titanic, one of my favourite movies, since we weren't tired enough to go to sleep yet. As we were watching the movie, I noticed that Harry had his eyes on me, looking at me in a weird way. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with him staring for so long so I looked back at him.

"Harry, please don't look at me like that." I said.

"Sorry." He said blushing. "I couldn't help it." I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder, kind of letting him know that I wasn't mad or anything.

Before I knew it I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder, probably in the middle of the movie, and was awake briefly to see Harry carrying me into the room I was staying in.

"You could have woken me up, you know?" I said looking up at him. He smiled back down at me.

"I couldn't. You looked so cute." He said smiling sweetly.

"I'm up now, you can put me down."

"We are already here." He said sitting me on the bed.

"Thanks." I smiled, looking around to see that we were in his bedroom. "Where are you going to sleep?"


"What? No way. I'm not taking your bed, I can sleep on the couch."

"No, of course you can't."

"Harry I'm serious, I don't want to intrude anymore."

"You are not, don't worry." He smiled. "So you're sleeping here and that's it."

"Oh my god you are so stubborn." I said frowning. He laughed. "But I'm not letting you sleep on the couch. You can sleep here with me. Your bed is big enough for the two of us."

"Really? Are you okay with it?"

"Of course. Why would I say it then?" I said poking his nose. I walked to my bag and took my toothbrush and toothpaste out. "Can I use your bathroom?"

"Sure." I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth perfectly before crawling into bed, Harry followed my actions.

"Goodnight, Harry."

"Goodnight." He said, kissing my forehead before turning off the lights.

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