"Hold On, Pain Ends." I read on the color-stained walls. Until now, I thought nobody could be trusted, that I only could trust myself, that nobody would be there when I needed someone the most.
"You're not wrong. Pain does end. Only if you let it." I said turning around.


3. Mia

I grew up with my best friend Louis. We were always together, he ways always the brother figure I never had. I was the youngest of seven, not to mention all girls. I guess I was the odd ball since I was four years apart from all the other girls.

Meeting Louis in kindergarten exposed me to my tomboy behaviors. Today we were outside playing soccer with some of Louis' friends, of course they looked at me strange because I was a girl. In the first ten minutes of the game their opinion on me changed. 

"Mia! Over here!" Louis yelled. I turned toward him and launched the ball straight at his chest. He responded well to my launch and he headed toward the goal. I smiled at my best friend as he scored another goal.

"Don't stare to long, you'll start to drool." One of his friends yelled at me. I looked at him and glared.

"Same goes for you." I said  to him and he starting to blush. I turned away and saw Louis looking at me and his friend, it was a face I'd never seen before. When he noticed me staring he turned away and the game continued.

The game ended with a tie, even though Louis swears the other team cheated. Everyone started walking home from the park, and me and Lou had walked toward my house.

"I'm telling you Mia, they totally cheated." he complained making me laugh at him.

"Oh Lou stop being a sore loser. It was a tie, be happy." I said walking ahead.

"I am happy." he said I started to turn to look at him, but he suddenly hugged me from behind.

"Lou what are you doi-" I felt Louis kiss my cheek while he was still hugging me. I pulled away quickly turning to my best friend.

"Louis what was that?" I said starting to panic.

"I don't want you hanging out with other guys. I want to be your only guy friend." he said.

"Okay you can just say that. You don't have to do...'that'" I said and there was that face again.

"That's not the only thing. Mia, I like you, as more than a friend." he said and I stepped back. "Louis I'm sorry,I can't."

I ran after that I never looked at him as anything more than a friend. I didn't believe in all that stuff. After that we stopped talking. I heard Louis got involved in some bad stuff after that. Yes I worried, but I rejected him. He stopped coming to school for awhile, and now I can't help but think, what if I accepted his feelings.

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