"Hold On, Pain Ends." I read on the color-stained walls. Until now, I thought nobody could be trusted, that I only could trust myself, that nobody would be there when I needed someone the most.
"You're not wrong. Pain does end. Only if you let it." I said turning around.


12. Background



We all greeted Alex's mom and sit in the living room, after she left I could still feel the tension in the air. "Alex how come you don't have a British accent like your mom?" I asked trying to calm everyone. "I could ask you the same. I'm not British, I'm from America. My mom grew up here and studied in America where she meet my dad. They lived together for several years but soon fell off, so my mom moved back here." she said explaining the heavy british accent her mother had.

"Oh. Well I was born here and lived in America for a while maybe until I was 8 or 9, then we kind of moved all over after that. This is the longest we've been able to stay somewhere. I never lived anywhere longer than when I lived in America, so I guess the accent stuck with me." I said then I looked at Mia. "What about you? Why do you not have an accent." I asked and she laughed. "Well you see, I was born in Australia, so I didn't pick up a British accent. But I have a slight Australian-American accent." She said, me and Alex sat suddenly hearing her accent.

"That's so cool." Alex blurted. Mia laughed at her amazement. "If you say so." she said, I never understood why other accents sounded so magical. "I hate my accent, It makes me sound. Not like me." She said trying to cover up the barely notable Australian accent. "Yea, but I bet you love Lou's British one." Alex teased, I sat in shock.

"Excuse me? Lou is my best friend. That's weird." Mia said but she seemed unsure of it herself. "Is it really?" I asked without thinking. I swear she was plotting my murder in the back of her brain just by the look on her face. "I'm just saying, you guys are so close. And you're still a girl no matter how many bruises you give yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if one day, he asks you out." I said shrugging my shoulders. 

"I was pretty surprised." She mumbled and looked away. "Excuse me? did you say was? As in past tense? Like he already tried to ask you out?" Alex chimed in leaning toward Mia. Her eyes were wide and Mia looked up nervously. "No Way! He already asked you out!" I practically shouted at her. 

"It's not like it's that big a deal." she said and Alex hit her. "What do you mean not that big a deal? He obviously likes you, and come on, it's Louis! He is one the hottest guys in our school!? Not to mention he is fucking hilarious." Alex started freaking out, I couldn't help but laugh at her. "He is my best friend. I don't want to ruin our friendship because of some stupid high school romance." Mia protested. 

"If he is really your best friend and he was brave enough to ask you out, I'm pretty sure he has thought of the consequences and he knows exactly what he's doing." I said and she looked at me kind of surprised. "I don't think he has any intention of leaving you or hurting you ever. He just wants to be with you, more than he already is." I continued and there was a long pause.

"Well what are you doing? Call him." Alex said looking at Mia like she was crazy. "I can't just call him! H-he's at practice. He probably doesn't have his phone on him." She suddenly became a hot mess, stuttering, blushing, and even though she continued to make up excuses she pulled her phone out her back pocket. Just as she unlocked it Alex snacted the phone and search.

"Technically practice ended two minutes ago, since it's Tuesday, but then again. You have to remember, it's the first week of school. There is no practice." I said smiling and holding Mia's hands as Alex texted Louis from Mia's phone. "What are you doing? Stop! No!" Mia tried to pull from me, and even though she was winning, I had held her long enough for Alex to send the message. "Done!" I let go of Mia and she jumped for her phone. Alex stood up and eyed her for a minute, thinking.

"You're about my size. Let's go, you have somewhere to be in a hour." Alex said smirking, I glared at her. "An Hour!? There's only so much you can do in an hour. And I mean just look at her!" I said as Mia stood up, she looked at me offended. "Hey!" She complained. "Don't take it personal, you're the one who wanted to be a tomboy." I said pretending to be mean. "I don't think I want to be your friend anymore." She said and I laughed and grabbed her arm. Me Alex and Mia all retreated to Alex's room, to start a make over that would take far longer than an hour.

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