"Hold On, Pain Ends." I read on the color-stained walls. Until now, I thought nobody could be trusted, that I only could trust myself, that nobody would be there when I needed someone the most.
"You're not wrong. Pain does end. Only if you let it." I said turning around.


6. Alex was wrong



It wasn't so bad sitting and talking with Alex and Becca. I'm not going to lie, Becca is definitely a mouthfull. But it's not like she is annoying or anything, she just enjoys talking.

I know talking wasn't really my thing especially with other girls. It's not like I hate girls, I was just always around them and sometimes it's frustrating.

After Rita's I let both Alex and Becca have my number because they asked, then I made my way home. I took my time knowing Victoria, the second youngest, wouldn't leave for work for another ten minutes, therefore I couldn't be questioned when I walk into our room.

Although I had seven sisters, only three of them still lived in the house. The other four moved out with their boyfriends or moved in with their best friends. Victoria, Sarah, and Willow were the only three still around since they were all still in college.

As I walked home, I passed by Louis's house, I could see his mom through the kitchen window either cooking or washing dishes. I glanced at his room only to see the light was off. I pulled my phone out to check the time, but got distracted by a few messages.

They were from Alex and Becca, just telling me their numbers, so I didn't get confused. After sending a short reply to both of them I looked at the time. 5:34 PM. That's means soccer practice ended about an half hour ago, so he should be home by now.

I shook the thought of him doing something stupid out if my head and continued walking. As I approached my house I could see my sister talking to someone standing in the doorway, then she left in her car to work. I was pulling out my keys when I heard my name being called.

"Mia!" I looked up and searched for the voice. My face light up a little to see the familiar blonde crossing the street to me. "What's up Luke?" I asked walking up toward my house him following closely behind.

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