The Bad Boy from Room 908

The bell rang signaling the start of class and just like clock work, in came Hemmings. He winked at a couple of the girls in the front row and sauntered towards me. I immediately averted my eyes from his.
" You like what you see Melanie?" He whispered menacingly into my ear brushing his lips against my jaw.
" Go to hell." I spoke under my breathe.
" Gladly," he smirked, " I'll go to hell, if I can drag you there with me." He said seductively.
Well fuck!


10. Chapter 9: Just Try

                        The bell rang signalling that school was over, and I mopped out of the classroom feeling numbness shoot through my entire body. I know I shouldn't feel anything considering I'm the one that walked out on Luke but, it felt like an axe was splitting down the centre of my heart, killing me slowly. At the same time I don't think I have the capacity to look him in the eyes. He disgusts me. How could he sit there and tell me that he cares some much about me, and then ask me to be just another consolation prize to put on the shelf beside all the rest. 

                       I walked out to his car knowing that he wouldn't allow me to walk home, and the car was already running as he sat, waiting patiently for me to come around. " Hey." He said quietly. His voice was slightly shaky, and suddenly I broke down. I had no control over it, it just came out. Tears streaming down my face as I silently cried in the passengers seat. " Don't cry Mel, please don't cry." He reached down rubbing my leg.

                      " Am I not good enough?" I asked still crying. I had no idea I felt this way until the words finally slipped out.

                      I looked over at him as his mouth gapped open for a moment. His face fell into a grimace, as he continued to rub circles into my mid- thigh. " That's not it at all." His face serious, and a bit intimidating. " I just don't want to hurt you, and clearly I'm not doing a very good job at the moment." He said pointing at my fragile state as if I was a paper crumpling around the edges.

                    " Hurt me." I said looking him in the eyes. " Do it, at least I'll know that we tried." I grabbed his hand from off my leg and held it gently in my hands. " I want to be with you Luke. If that means for two days or twenty years, I just want a chance."

                    He stared at me for a moment, and then looked away. " Just try it my way." He said wiping his hands up and down on his pants. " Just for a month, if you don't like it, we'll stop. I just don't want to lose you." I crossed my arms over my chest. There's no way I'm settling for just being friends that fuck, I couldn't deal with that.

                   " I just can't stand the fact to look at you, and say that you're not mine. I've wanted to be with you since the 7th grade, it just hurts." He turned toward me and I unfolded my arms. I couldn't be tough around him, it was physically impossible.

                   " I've cheated several times." He stated blankly. " I just don't want you to get hurt if I cheat on you too."

                   " It doesn't make a difference if you sleep around when you're with me or not." I stated, and he shook his head at me as if I was talking non-sense. " It'll still hurt the same, just as a friend I can't tell you how much it hurts because, I'm not supposed to care." I sighed heavily facing the front giving in. " But, I will try for two weeks, not a month because, you mean too much to me to lose you, and that's what loving someone is Lu..." I let slip out as I quickly covered my mouth.

                     I turned my head to look at him, and he was smiling slightly through his abundance of sadness hidden right beneath the surface. " Never be ashamed of honest feelings." He said grabbing the back of my neck and bringing me toward him. Our lips collided like the impact of the meteor that killed the population of dinosaurs, and all my hate was gone. I realized in that very moment that Luke Hemmings is my weakness, the one thing I really need, and the one thing that I will never let go because, a life without him isn't life at all. A life without Luke would leave me as an empty vessel, not alive, or dead but, just there. Existing but, never truly living.

                  Luke and I pulled away from each other and he kissed my forehead. " Just relax, we'll see where things go." I gave him a funny look and he continued. " I mean, if we end up together or not, either way, I'm always gonna be here for you. I'll never leave you, I couldn't live without you." He grabbed my hand tracing over my fingers softly, causing goose bumps to spread across my body.

                I was honestly at a loss for words. He really did care about me and, I was too blind to see it because, of every other experience I've had with guys. " Same." I managed to choke out while mentally slapping myself in the face with a greasy old fish. He genuinely smiled at me and kissed my hand before averting his eyes towards the steering wheel and starting the car. You know for a bad boy, he is quite romantic.

                He laughed from the seat beside me and I realized I was thinking out loud, well that's just fucking great. " Only at the best of times." He stated smirking as if he was magician, hiding a humungous secret under his cape, and it got me thinking, maybe, I really don't know anything about him... at all.  

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