The Bad Boy from Room 908

The bell rang signaling the start of class and just like clock work, in came Hemmings. He winked at a couple of the girls in the front row and sauntered towards me. I immediately averted my eyes from his.
" You like what you see Melanie?" He whispered menacingly into my ear brushing his lips against my jaw.
" Go to hell." I spoke under my breathe.
" Gladly," he smirked, " I'll go to hell, if I can drag you there with me." He said seductively.
Well fuck!


8. Chapter 7: And So it Ends

       We arrived at school, and I quickly jumped out of the car. I couldn't stand the tension anymore, it was unbearable. I felt physical pain from actually wanting Luke that badly.

       I walked briskly towards the school but, was turned around swiftly by someone grabbing my arm. Of coarse it had to be Luke. I made a face at him trying to destroy all possibilities that he might have had in his mind about him, and I. " What's your problem?" He asked annoyed, letting go of my arm.

    I couldn't bare to look him in the eyes, he would know immediately and everything would be over, my cover would be blown, and I'd be done. I just stared off into the thick bush near the back of the school emotionless, and said. " Nothing is wrong Luke, I just really want to see Violet, I miss her."  

     He groaned loudly under his breathe with annoyance while grabbing my chin, forcing me to look in the general direction of his face. I couldn't bare looking him in the eyes or, I would be done.  " Tell me the truth." His voice was demanding, and it sent shivers through my body. 

    " It's not important." I said staring at his lips. The way that they parted over his perfectly aligned teeth, the soft pink colour, radiating kiss ability. With the mixture of his hand touching my neck causing goose bumps to trail around my body, and the sweet, thick, tension between us I found myself looking up towards his eyes. I finally completely gave in and I was stuck in a swirling ocean of clear blue water, drifting further, and further away, yet, closer and closer to him.

        " It has to be important," He stated, breathing a bit heavier than before, and I realized that I wasn't the only one feeling the way that I was. " if you keep treating me the way that you do." My hand trailed subconsciously up his chest and around his neck as he removed his hand from my chin and wrapped it around my waist.

           " Like everyone else Hemmings," I whispered as his lips drew closer and closer to mine. " I have my reasons."  We stared each other deeply in the eyes for a few more seconds, and just like it was written in the stars, or lips collided together. It wasn't forceful but, nice, and I felt my heart beat out of my chest like the boom of a bass drum. We slowly pulled away from each other and he rested his forehead on mine. " And that's my reason." I said nervously. He smiled at me kissing me lightly on the lips again, and I knew that my act was over, that this may have been the biggest mistake of my life but, in that moment, staring into his crystal blue eyes, I didn't care.



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