The Bad Boy from Room 908

The bell rang signaling the start of class and just like clock work, in came Hemmings. He winked at a couple of the girls in the front row and sauntered towards me. I immediately averted my eyes from his.
" You like what you see Melanie?" He whispered menacingly into my ear brushing his lips against my jaw.
" Go to hell." I spoke under my breathe.
" Gladly," he smirked, " I'll go to hell, if I can drag you there with me." He said seductively.
Well fuck!


4. Chapter 3: What's going On?

         I got up at 7 that night, and I went into shock when I realized a pair of arms wrapped tightly around my body. I turned my head to see Luke smiling at me and I was livid. " What the fuck?" I screamed at him angrily pushing his arms away from me, and quickly getting off the bed.

        " I'm sorry," He said scratching the back of his neck. " You were screaming in your sleep so, I thought I would hold you. Protective instincts I guess." He got up off the bed and slowly walked out of the door.

         I was shocked, it wasn't often that I had nightmares but, when I did, it was brutal. " Luke wait." I said as he was just about to shut the door behind him.

        " Hmm." He said opening it a crack just enough for me to see his face.

        " Thank you." I said actually genuinely smiling at him.

        He smiled back at me and not smirked but, smiled and my whole insides lite up. I mean maybe Luke wasn't as bad as I thought he was, maybe it was just a cover act to look cool around his friends. Either way he shouldn't change himself for popularity.

        I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to see that the stove was on and he was making Mac & Cheese, and singing to the radio. I stared from the doorway and just watched as he danced around the kitchen, singing along. It was actually kind've cute. He turned around after about two minutes and jumped about six feet in the air. " Shit." He said his hand holding his chest as his breathing recuperated.

       I just laughed at him silently. " You can really sing."

       " Thanks," He said shyly smiling. " making Mac & Cheese, you want some?"

       " Sure." I said walking towards the island in the middle of the room and sitting down on one of the benches. " Why are you such a dick sometimes?" I said before I could catch myself, great Mel just when he was starting to be nice you have to go and act like a bitch but, fair question I guess.

          " Um, well." He said straining the noodles in the sink. " I guess when you have a reputation of being a bad boy from grade 9, and that's what you're known for, you roll with it."

         " But, what if that's not what girls want anymore?" I questioned honestly looking him in the eyes for a brief moment seeing pain shoot through them.

         " Well, that's up to them I guess." He stated shrugging his shoulders. " But, I don't seem to be having any troubles." and suddenly just like that Luke was back again.

         " Maybe not with the whores." I stated still no filter present.

        He just smirked at me pouring the milk into the pot with the now drained noodles. " True, but at least they know how to have a good time. What about you, why are you such a prude?" He asked laughing under his breathe.

        " I'm not a prude Hemmings." I stated a bit up set. " I just don't have sex with guys that get more ass than a toilet seat at MacDonald's."

        He raised an eyebrow at me and stirred the Mac & Cheese slowly inspecting me. " You're not a virgin?" He asked surprised.

         " No I'm not." I stated matter of factly grabbing the pot of Mac & Cheese out of his hand and grabbing two bowls from the cupboard. I distributed it equally and gave him his bowl.

        He still had said nothing after 10 minutes and he just starred at me. " What?" I asked licking the cheese off of my spoon, purposefully teasing him. 

        He narrowed his eyes at me. " It's not nice to tease." He stated. " Why won't you have sex with me?" He twisted his spoon around in the KD.

        " I've already answered that question Hemmings, I only have sex with guys that aren't just in it for the lay, and that I know well." I stated rolling my eyes at him.

       " You know me better than anyone Mel," He stated setting his spoon down in his bowl. " you were my best friend in kinder garden and I've known you for 14 years."

       " Yes, but you changed." I said not wanting to make eye contact with him.

      " You like me don't you?" He questioned getting up from his chair and moving to the side of the island that I was on.

      " Nope." I said looking him in the eyes confidently.

      " Then kiss me Melanie." He said looking into my eyes. " Prove that you aren't lying."

      " No, I'm not going to kiss you." I said angrily throwing my hands in the air.

       He just sighed and said. " Fine but, I know you like me now."

       He turned to walk away and I knew I had no other choice. I stood up and grabbed his arm turning him around to face me. He looked surprised and I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing him down to my height. Our lips connected and they moved in sync as he picked me up and set me on the counter of the island. He licked my bottom lip and I let his tongue explode into my mouth. We pulled away from each other breathless shortly after, and even though the kiss made me feel like I was struck by fucking lightning, I looked him in the eyes and said. " See, nothing." He nodded his head and walked away. At that very moment I knew that I had just fucked myself over.

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