Soulless Moon

Edward is a werewolf while Jacob is a vampire, both living in Forks. Bella is a girl who never knew her parents and moves from Phoenix to Forks, meeting the dark and mysterious Edward Cullen and his family and the funny and laughing Jacob with his unusually-pale skin. What would happen then?


3. Chapter 1

The only words I ever received from my parents came in a golden locket; 'One day you'll understand.' Ever since I could read I've been trying to understand what these four words mean but so far, at the age of twelve, I still had no clue. My parents left me in the arms of Phoenix, Arizona's child care system. No relatives came forward to claim me so, with just anger, I didn't think about them.

Because of my parentlessness I didn't make friends easily. It was probably also due to the fact that I liked being somewhat alone. I was safer that way. They could call me names and hate me all they want but if I closed myself off then I was fine. I could get through the day without the telltale sign of tear tracks running down my face.

The few time I've been called out in front of everyone were the worst and most embarrassing moments of my life and that's when I started, brick by brick, closing a wall between me and the rest of the world. I used to seek comfort when looking at my locket which, beside the note, held a small picture of a handsomely pale man standing beside a tanned woman with a huge russet colored dog beside them.

At one point, after a rather horrific ordeal in the school cafeteria, I trashed my locket. I had always just dealt with the comments and allusions cooly or apathetically though there was one that was worse than others. She had said to her friends one day, loud enough for everyone in the cafeteria to hear, "Oh look! Here's the orphan girl who was abandoned by her parents! I totally understand them? Who could ever want something like that?" If a comment like that doesn't make you feel unwanted by anyone, then nothing will.

The silence rang on for several uncomfortable and awkward moments as my cheeks flare up and I stared at my toes. It was like a knife to my chest. As much as I didn't show it, I wanted to fit in. Wanted to be wanted and welcomed for once.

But I'm not welcomed
here., I'd thought. I had fled the room, on the verge of tears, leaving snickering and an uncomfortable silence behind.
I don't cry., I'd repeatedly told myself.

I realized what she said, every single wretched word of it, was true. And I hated my parents, hated them for that cruel act of leaving me there that day. Hated them for who they are and what they have done. I realized I didn't need to hold onto them anymore. They are nothing but shadows of the past now. They have no importance to me. They ruined my life. It wouldn't do to keep dwelling on them. So I slid the photo out of its holder and watched as it burned to ashes. I had stomped on the case until it shattered, still seeing the picture and the note every time I closed my eyes.

That night I fell asleep with the pictures imprinted on the back of my eyelids and the words of the note ringing in my ears. The fiery anger had ceased and all that was left was regret. Was destroying all I have of my past the right thing to do? But even if it was, it's too late.

A few days later the overhead intercom came on with the principles I'm-not-taking-any-trouble-from-anyone's voice roaring throughout the school.

"Isabella Swan, please report to the principals office."

Everyone in the class noticed and I thought if it wasn't allowed, the teacher would have been hooting along with them. I sneered at them as I packed up my stuff and left the classroom.

The principals office seemed entirely fake. Fake plants with a fake man who thought it would be a good idea to go down the educational path. Idiot. His name plate read Richard A. Head. Oh this was rich! My sneer turned into a malicious smile.

"Do you know why your here, Isabella?" His voice was deep, trying to be intimidating.

What was there to be afraid of? Just an idiot who try to look scary, like a mouse thinking it's a lion.

I just shrugged and yawned, just to emphasize nonchalance. This seemed to make him angrier, judging by his reddening face. Suddenly he turned his computer screen around. On it was camera footage. Of me smashing and burning my locket and picture.

"You put this school in danger when you did this. This is breaking a dozen school rules! What do you have to say for yourself?", Head demanded.

What was there to lose? He was going to expel me anyway. Might as well leave a lasting impression as the only girl of the entire school history not afraid of the idiot principal. "Nothing," I answered, laughing brightly. "There are only about a dozen rules you managed to come up with, ten of which benefits yourself only, so my doing doesn't put the entire school into danger. And it's over and done with, smart one." I spat the last two words, smirking at him, voice dripping with sarcasm.

His face reddened even more, to the point I thought he was about to have a heart attack.

It was so amusing. I wanted to laugh at loud.

With a deadly calm voice he uttered what I already knew was coming.

"Take your things and clear out your locker because your suspended. I never want to see your face around here again. If I do I'll call security and have you arrested."

Silence descended over the fake office. I challenged him with my eyes but I gave in. Why do I want to stay somewhere when I'm not wanted? 
They found out what I did and decided to kicked me out of school, okay fine, but I never thought I would be kicked out the orphanage.

Just to be taken in by yet another orphanage that was no better than the rest. The workers at the new place were no different than the ones before but now they seemed worse. They didn't care what happened to the kids which was both good and bad. Good for me since I could get away with more crap and bad because the other kids didn't get what they needed.

The teachers I met when I did go to my new school watched me like a hawk because they fear that since I didn't have any parents for them to report to, I would cause trouble. That I might not be afraid of their authority. They were right. I wasn't afraid of them but I was starting to realize I had to change. The manner I spoke to the principal with was fun but I knew that if I wanted to be accepted, to fit in, I had to change my ways.

I used to envy the children, the ones who had known their parents or even had at least one memory of them, I longed for such comfort. And my wish was finally fulfilled when a couple, Charlie and Renée Swan, decided to take me in and live with them.

That was why I found myself boarding a plane- tickets paid by my new legal official guardians- from Phoenix to the tiny city of Forks. I left the big city I had grew up in without a backward glance; I had grown up there for so long yet it held nothing for me, no happy memories, no buildings or places to look back on and smile, nothing.

I had been ecstatic when I found out that I finally had a permanent, constant home to live in, parents to take care of me and rely on, kind parents to help me through things, though I was nervous about meeting my new guardians. My teeth kept on finding their way to my bottom lip and I fought back with only willpower. Willpower wasn't enough and it was all I could do to not have a bleeding lip as my first impression. What would Renee and Charlie be like? Would I like them? Would they like me?

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