Death Wishes: a Twilight and Hunger Games Crossover

Bella Swan has bitterly hated Carlisle Cullen for not helping her father when he most needed it, causing the loss of her father. When she is chosen at the Reaping to go into the Hunger Games with Edward Cullen, she sees her chance to exact her revenge. What will happen in the arena?

Edward Cullen is a vampire so he is indifferent when he is chosen because none of the weapons can harm him. What happens when he falls in love with Bella Swan?


3. Chapter 1- the Reaping

Bella's POV

How did I get this fate? What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?, I thought as my mom brought the whip down again. I gritted my teeth together to keep from screaming. It burns so much!

Ever since my father died, my evil mom has been using me as a slave. It hurts, emotionally and physically. At Charlie's orders, Renee had put up a kind-mom facade and I had loved her the way a daughter loves her mother. Now, with my dad, the person keeping her in chains from her horrible actions, gone, she is showing me the monster she is and it was not a pretty picture behind the scenes. Her words and actions were like daggers to my heart.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity and after my back felt like somebody set it on fire and is stoking it with every hit, she told me to go to bed so I could go to the Reaping the next day. I followed her orders willingly. I stumbled to the little cupboard that was my bedroom and slipped gingery into bed, letting out a pained hiss when my back hit my bed. I waited for sleep to come for hours, staring at the ceiling and wondering what situation I would be in if my dear and loving father hadn't died. After 5 hours, sleep still didn't come though. I knew I couldn't close my eyes. Every time I do, Charlie's death during his duty- Peacekeepers were chosen to come from our District so we could escape the poverty everybody but the Capitol people is in- would replay behind my eyelids. I did anyway and I saw this:

It was snowing and the square in front of the Justice Building was packed with people, Peacekeepers and the people who lives in the District. The people were fighting- a rebellion- and the Peacekeepers were working to keep it under control. An officer called to Charlie, who was also in white uniform, but it is drowned out by gunshots. The mayor of District 8, aimed a gun at Charlie but he didn't notice. He is too busy working to keep the order in the upper ranks of the District's society. Move!, I wanted to shout at him, knowing what happens next. Another gunshot rang out and my wonderful father is falling, blood pouring out of where the bullet has found it mark in his chest and staining his white Peacekeeper suit and the snow around him a dark red. A man walked by in the background. I recognized him as Doctor Carlisle Cullen- I had asked who it was when they told me Charlie was never coming back- but he is holding his nose, breathing through his mouth. He didn't stop to help Charlie even though he is a doctor and probably knew how. He passes by hurriedly and I saw the light slowly leaves my father's eyes, leaving them blank and dead. No! No, no, no, no, NO! Help him you freaking idiot and coward!, I screamed inside my head at Carlisle while I watch the horrible replay. 

I opened my eyes. The strip of cloth that was my bed was wet from the tears that are streaming from my eyes.

I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU, Carlisle Cullen!  You should have helped him. I wouldn't have ended up like this and Charlie would have still been alive. I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU! I will get revenge one day., I chanted bitterly to myself as I cry myself to sleep. 

* * *

I wake up to the light of dawn shining through the window, Today was a no work day- once a year for me since two years ago. Today was Reaping Day. If I was not chosen to go into the Hunger Games where people kill the other people so they can win the Games and which I have been training for since I was 8, I would volunteer. I couldn't live like this anymore. If I win, I could live in Victors' Village away from my horrid mother. If I die, I'll see my father. That year was my last chance to go into the Games before I get too old, anyway, so I decided, with reluctance but also conviction, to go into the Games.

At that precise moment, my mom bustled in with a brisk pace, gave me a resentful glare, and told me to get dress. I obeyed- "Yes, Your Highness, I will start immediately."-, not willing to get another whipping. With clumsy hands, I changed out of my bloodstained clothes into the dress that is one size too small for me. I made my mom breakfast before walking all the way to the Reaping- two and a half hours of power walking. 

I arrived, legs aching with exhaustion, did what I have to do and joined the 18-year-old girls in their sections. Nobody looked at me.

As usual, we see the propaganda film about war that rampaged our country 80 years ago, the creation of the Games to keep order in the districts after the war, the job of the different districts, the destruction of District 13.

After the short video is over, the escort, who's name I didn't know and didn't bother to learn, announced- "Ladies first."- the girl was to be chosen.

She walked over to the girls' side and pulled out one small piece of paper from the glass bowl and opened it.

I held my breath. My heart was pounding and the blood was rushing in my ears. Who would it be? It couldn't be me because if I was chosen, other people would volunteer for me, obliterating my last chance at the Games.

"Renesmee Black.", she called in a clear voice.

I knew her. Renesmee was a 12-years-old girl with brown hair and eyes along with a kind heart and positive emotions and lives with her brother, Jacob Black, next door to us. She looked more like me than Jacob.

Jacob and I had been good friends until I was banned from seeing anyone by my vile mother. I was a little glad because Jacob was starting to make disturbing advances and I was not ready, not after my father's death.

I saw Renesmee walking up the steps with shaking legs, a look of pure terror on her perfect, angelic, cute face.

Renesmee is too young and so scared., I thought. And I want to go anyway.

I forced myself to make my voice loud and clear but also not be shaky when I said, "I volunteer as tribute."

"Very well! We have a volunteer! Please come on up. Come on. Come on!", the frilly woman chirped.

I made my way eagerly to the platform and replaced Renesmee on the platform, earning myself a smattering of applause.

She declared the boy was going to be chosen next. "Seth Clearwater."

Jacob Black, who looks nothing like Renesmee but still claims to be her brother, with his black hair and bulging muscles along with his sarcasm and annoying attitude, clearly not wanting his best friend to get the glory of winning volunteered. Or maybe he wanted to show me how good he is. I didn't care; I should have been flattered by his attention- most of the girls think he's handsome but I didn't think so- but I wasn't. He had grown to be super arrogant and that was one of the many traits I hate about a person.

He is welcomed on to the platform.

"Congratulations to our District 2 tributes this year. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.", the escort trilled in farewell. The people clapped politely for us as we turned to leave.

Peacekeepers appeared from behind us to take us away and I felt the tears pricking in my eyes when I saw their uniform; it reminded me so much of Charlie and the cause he died for.

My mother might actually be glad that she's getting rid of me at last., I thought bitterly, musing over the fact that she hated me from the very first moment of my birth. That thought still stung after all she did to me.

Replacing the searing thought of death and my mom with the thought of seeing my father again, I turned to follow the Peacekeepers through the door, knowing nobody would be coming to say goodbye to me. 


Edward's POV

I tried to block the voices and thoughts ringing in my head as I step out of my car into the Reaping square. My gift could be very annoying sometimes.

Unfortunately, the sun was shining fiercely above us and we absolutely have to attend this stupid- I shouldn't say that but it was very troublesome for us to attend- Reaping. Carlisle and Esme, my loving and sometimes overprotective parents, had forced all of us to dress in an outfit where we were covered from head to toe. We, the children, had all argued that we would stand out because it was May 8th, almost the end of spring and start of summer and we were dressed like we were going to track across a snow-caked mountain! They had still won the argument they said standing in the sun with our skin sparkling like diamonds would have stood out more. They had a point and we had given up though that doesn't make it any easier. I bit my tongue, wincing as my fangs cut into my tongue, to keep myself from complaining about being bundled up like this when I didn't need to be.

As usual, we had to give them a blood sample and, like every year since 80 year ago, we planned to give them a fake because their needles weren't made to pierce our strong and diamond-like skin and we don't want anyone to suspect what we truly are. Jasper, Emmett and I, the boys from our family, joined the line where the women would be getting "our" blood sample so we could flatter them and get away with the fact that we were not giving blood straight from our body while Alice and Rosalie got in line to do the same thing.

"Hello. Hold out your hand.", the woman said.

I shook my head. "I'm sorry. Because of a few problems, I had to do it at home. Is that okay?" I gave her a smile.

I heard her breath falter.The woman looked at me suspiciously. I listened carefully to her thoughts. What does he want? Why does he and his family do this every year? But he does look so handsome. Maybe he'll pay attention to me and like me if I let him pass. I bet he would give me everything I want. Ah.... The possibilities this young man can give me. Promotions, attention, popularity....

I stiffened to refrain from shuddering at her thoughts.

"Very well.", she said stiffly, and putting a dip of the blood into the book.

"Thank you. Can you please do the same thing for my brothers?", I asked her, flashing her another smile. I blocked off her thoughts this time, not wanting to be disgusted again.

"I- Yes.", she muttered.

"Thank you.", I gave her one last smile before walking away.

I hated the way the humans react to us, our beauty or handsomeness, our charm, everything. It may become useful at times but I still hated it. Crystal clear memories of all the humans I have charmed and killed before committing to Carlisle's cause again swirled in my head. They couldn't see what was behind the mask, they couldn't see the truth and believed the lie, not knowing that we were one of the most dangerous predators there is.

I joined the 18-year-old, the age we were pretending to be though I was a lot older, boys, Jasper and Emmett right behind me. We received hostile glares, strange stares as the people question why we were wearing such wrong clothes for today's weather- I had on a cap that cast a long shadow across my face, a scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, a long, thick black coat and sweatpants to keep out the sunshine- and jealous thoughts swirled around in my head. Ugh. How I hate crowds! If I could get headaches, being in a crowd where there is so much people and so much thoughts would give me one.

Why are they wearing such strange clothing?

I bet they got and trampled across every girls' heart in school.

Look at them. All perfect and handsome. How I hate the Cullens. Though I have to admit they do have manners.

Whoa! They're so cool! I've got to talk to them one day!

Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god. I hate today! I hate the Reaping! I'm so scared! I don't want to have a chance to go into the Games and be killed brutally. Please, let it don't be me, just anyone but me. Pick my sister or brother for all you want. Just not me. At least this year is my last year in the Reaping. I frowned at that thought. How could anyone be so selfish?

Blocking out the voices in my head until it was reduced to a small hum, I start to notice other things. Everywhere, my vampire sense of hearing catches the chugging of factories and my vampire sense of smell picked up the industrial fumes of pollution. I hated it here- with the fact that I could barely come out in the day or I had to bundle up like I am now- and I longed for Forks with its beautiful greenery and clean air but my parents insisted to stay here because they have to keep peace with the President and the Capitol and not be exposed. Alice and Rosalie, both obsessed with clothes, demanded that we live in District 8. I really liked the winter here when I could come out whenever I liked, with the sun covered by snow clouds. I noticed that Jasper and Emmett had disappeared but I was not bothered. I would find them easily after the Reaping was over.

The escort walked up the platform cheerfully. The film/short video played on the big screens set up around the square and the Reaping begins. "Ladies first." The escort stumbled in her high heels to the bowl with the girls' names. Reaching in with one gloved hand, she picked up a slip of paper and pulled it out. "Sashya Denali" The very dear cousin, almost mother, of Tanya, Irina and Kate Denali walked up the steps. She was also 18.

The boys was chosen next. She pulled out another piece of paper and called out in a clear voice, "Edward Cullen." Me.

There was nothing but indifference- because I would win the Games no matter how hard the humans try-, surprise- because I didn't expect to be chosen- and annoyance- because I would have to work extra hard to keep up the human facade now and it's more than annoying to pretend to cower in front of the Careers, trying to act like the defenseless boy from District 8 I was pretending to be. I walked up the steps on to the platform and tried to silence the thoughts in the people's heads.

"Any  volunteers? Anyone?" I could detect the faint disappointment in her voice as she looked at me. Her thoughts were so inappropriate and disgusting, I would have thrown up if I could. Nobody volunteered as it so often happened during the Reaping.

"Alright then. Congratulations to the tributes of the year! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Peacekeepers led us out and I dutifully followed. My family would be saying a goodbye during the time they give them. It would not be the last time I see them, I was sure, because of my indestructibility.

If only I had known what would happen in the near future. I would not have thought that way if I did.

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