Lemonade Stand

In which a boy finds a sour girl and turns her into something sweet

{Harry Styles a.u. & short story}


1. Lemonade Stand 1

I walked down the street, the sun beating down on my head. I mentally high-fived myself for wearing my fedora and aviators on a hot day like this. I had nowhere in particular as my destination, just talking a walk around town. I came upon two girls sitting on a bench, which happened to be near a tree. I walked over to the tree, and sitting against the trunk, enjoying the protecting the big oak tree gave from the hot sun. I closed my eyes for a moment, just relaxing. 

I could feel two pairs of eyes on me and I didn't have to open my eyes to know who it was. I heard one of the girls whisper to the other, and then some quiet giggling. I smiled slightly and opened my eyes to find both of them staring, but they of course didn't know I had caught them due to my sunglasses. I pushed myself up off of the ground and leisurely strolled over the bench in which the girls sat at, hoping they could direct me to the nearest cold beverage

"If you ladies don't mind, where is the nearest icy beverage to quench my thirst?" All I got in response was some giggles. I stood there for a moment longer, waiting for directions. When I saw that all they were going to do is giggle, I tipped my fedora, and turned on my heel. 

I walked for about another ten minutes before I came upon a little boy jumping up and down, holding a homemade sign. As I walked closer, I read what the sign said.

Lemonade Stand! Ice Cold Lemonade 25 cents

I grinned. This is exactly what I was looking for. 

"Hey there little man, do you wanna show me where some lemonade is?" I asked the young boy, who seemed to be about seven, and had messy brown hair and bright blue eyes.

"Follow me!" He reached out grabbing my hand, but only successfully wrapping his small hand around two of my large fingers. The boy pulled me around a corner and I saw the lemonade stand. The boy let go of my hand and ran over to the stand, which was occupied by a girl whose back was facing us. Her hair was short, about halfway between her shoulder and chin and was a silvery-white color. She was wearing some Bermuda yellow shorts, paired with green shirt, with the sleeves rolled up onto her shoulders. A baseball hat sat on her head and it was tattered. On her feet were some Teeva sandals. The girl sat on a old lawn chair reading a book.

The little boy started talking to the girl.

"Pheobe! Get some lemonade! Hurry! There's a nice man over there who wants some." I continued walking over to the stand and stopped when I reached the front. 

The girl put her book down and looked up at me with a scowl on her face. 

"Hello, I'm Harry." 

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