Fire and Lies

13-year-old Skylar, and her three friends, Rose, Tanner, and Sam escape from their training center deep in the woods of Oregon to find out more about their lives which have been kept from them from a young age when they escape they realize they don't know where to go or what to do but there's no going back
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3. Chapter #3

The four of them exited the second building to head to the main building. The main building was huge. It was made of cement looking material. The organization was surrounded by a huge cement wall.

There were not many trees inside the wall but from the other side of the wall you could see the huge trees sticking out above the thing that kept them isolated from the rest of the world. The wall was very tall. The trees inside the wall we're not that big but for the trees on the outside to show from over the wall must be huge.

You can also see mountains in the distance. The sky had very few clouds today it wasn't that hot but it was definitely warm. Skylar wondered what the wall was for. For most kids it was obvious, they thought it was so they couldn't escape, but Skyler was wise and thought maybe it was so others couldn't get in.

They probably wouldn't want the kids to get out that was true. But a whole building full of kids that could make fire... The normals had to be interested in that.

The organization went up to age 17. When you turned age 18 they would take you someplace. No one was sure where. The more Skylar taught about it the nonsense that Eddie kept babbling about for a week started to make more sense.

Skylar and her friends reached the main building and made their way to the second floor. They walked down the single hallway to get through the first floor there were many doors on the sides of the hallway that were locked. And other dark hallways that had guards standing by the entrances. The guards stood with their hands together. On their belts they had handguns. They were strong, and looked pretty mean.

When they got to the second floor they went to their classes room. Their class was ages 13 through 14. The trainer for this session was Amanda. Tenzin and Rocky came in every once in a while. Rocky, (Skylar's favorite) was a tall strong man in his late 30s. Brown hair and blue eyes. Tenzin was Asian, with black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Everyone get in a line to get your number!" Amanda shouted over all the voices. There is no need to say "get in a line" this was a daily thing. Everyone knew what to do. Amanda was African-American with long black hair. She had dark brown eyes and flawless skin. Amanda was prettier than Emily. Emily's face was too serious Amanda always look happy. She was strict when she had to be strict she was a very good teacher.

Everyone got in a single file line. There were four stations that they went to every week day in session 2. Station 1, 2,3,and 4. Station 1 was fire. Station 2 was water. Station 3 was wood, or plants, and 4 was wether. There are many other elements but those four were the ones they learned. The number that Amanda gave to them was the station they would start at.

Tanner, Sam, Rose, and Skylar always tried to spread out so that they would be in the same group. But Amanda didn't always go in order sometimes she named off random numbers so it made it hard for them to be in the same group.

It was Skylar's turn to get her number. Amanda smiled at her and said "station 3 for you today Sky." Skylar gave her a fake smile and walked to station 3. Skylar only liked her friends calling her that. When Sam and Skylar were in the same group once he had called her Sky and Amanda had heard. Ever since then Amanda called her that.

Skylar walked to station 3's section of the room. The four corners of the big room were used for the stations. Station 3 was plants or would or anything that grew out of the ground. After Amanda gave everyone numbers she called in her helpers. They were for helpers, not the same ones every day but some of them she recognized. Amanda just walked around and helped some of The kids who weren't doing so well for congratulated some for doing a good job, like making a flame or a pool of water or growing grass or something. Skylar looked around. Sam was in station 2. Rose and Tanner were in station 4.

The helper that was at Skylar's station today was a Girl that Skylar new. Her name was Anna. Anna like all the helpers was 17. Most of the older kids helped out with the younger ones in their sessions. Anna was a short sweet girl with stick straight blonde hair and green eyes. She had a round head with a cute nose.

"For today we are going to need a partner," Anna said to station 3. "Can we pick our own partner?" Asked a boy named Jackson. Anna thought on that. "I'm going to say yes, but if it gets out of hand I will pick for you." "Yes!" The group of kids said at once. Skylar was not as happy about that. She didn't really like any of these people.

Skylar wasn't the most like-able person, well she could be when she tried. She only tried to be nice to her friends. Her three friends. Rose. Tanner. Sam. Those were the only people who knew who she really was. She would just wait till everyone had picked their partner and see who's left. She stud in the group of kids with her arms crossed. The scattering group settled after most of the kids had their partner.

A boy named William approached. William was a sweet kid that had light brown shaggy hair and blue eyes with glasses. William wasn't handsome, but he was cute. Out of all the people in Skylar's group he was probably her favorite. He was fit like everyone in the Organization. William wasn't that popular because he was a nerd. Skylar didn't see how being extremely smart made you not cool.

"Hey, Skylar." He said nervously. A lot of kids were scared of Skylar especially the nerds. She didn't know why, Sam and Rose were smarter than a lot of people. "You got a partner?" He asked awkwardly. He started to stab himself in the palm with his thumb nail. "Nope." Skylar said flatly. He swallowed and looked around not knowing what to say next. Skylar smiled at him. "Let's do this," she said and took a few steps to face Anna. William did the same and seemed to relax a lot more.

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