Fire and Lies

13-year-old Skylar, and her three friends, Rose, Tanner, and Sam escape from their training center deep in the woods of Oregon to find out more about their lives which have been kept from them from a young age when they escape they realize they don't know where to go or what to do but there's no going back
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2. Chapter #2

Skylar ran down the stairs and ran down the hallway for fitness. There was a second hallway for self-defense they were starting that class next week. Skylar was excited for that class, mostly so she could beat up her friend, Tanner. He was always acting like he was stronger than her. Well he was, but she was still sure that she would win in a fight, she was a lot smarter than him.

Skylar never did good in the few years of school. She was definitely not book smart. That was Rose and her friend Sam's thing. She was more street smart. Tanner was just the big strong one that made them laugh.

Skylar burst open the door, it was a big, bright room, with treadmills and weight sets and other stuff. She looked at the clock, 7:06 she was done for.

Maybe if I just snuck by Rose, they won't see me.

Skylar slowly started to walk by the small group of weight sets with the treadmills next to it. It was working, the tall muscular man was preoccupied with a broken machine that Skylar did you know the name of. "Thanks clumsy Karen", Skylar said under her breath. Karen was Skylar's old friend when she was younger but then by eight she got really snotty. After Karen Skylar realized that she liked boys for friends better, but Rose was cool.

"Tenzin! Sir! Skylar is late!" Shouted a bulky boy with light brown hair. Shane. He gave her a nasty grin and she gave him a glare. "Skylar, you are 10 minutes late!" Shouted Tenzin. Her whole class was staring. "six minutes," she corrected. " "detention!" He said. " now get to work!"

Skylar walked to her three friends. Tanner smiled at her. "Shut up" she said before he could say anything. Her friend Sam patted her on the back. Skylar started up a treadmill next to Rose while Tanner and Sam lifted weights. Sam had short brown hair and green eyes. He was tall but not as tall as Tanner. Tanner had blonde hair that lay just the right way and blue eyes. You could easily tell that Rose and Tanner were brother and sister, but when he asked he got a detention.

About 15 minutes later Emily came in. Emily was the head trainer with Rocky. Tenzin and Amanda were second in command. There were other trainers that Skylar didn't know the names of. Emily hadn't short red hair and freckles with green eyes. Her face was stern, as always. She walked to the middle of the room. "gather around, ladies and gentlemen." She said. Everyone slowly walked to the center of the big room."there is some important information that the organization would like to share with students ages 13 through 17. We ask you to meet us outside the eating court for the information at 12:00 tomorrow." She finished.

"tomorrow? But tomorrow's Saturday." Shane complained. "Do you have a problem with that?" Emily asked. "Ummm, yes?" Shane said. "tomorrow's the only day I get to-" "detention, Shane!" Emily showed. Emily walked out the door and slammed it. "Now get back to work!" Tenzin commanded.

Skylar smiled and raised her eyebrows at Shane is she passed. Shane then stuck out his tongue's at her. Tanner and Skylar both laughed at his childlike reaction. Later, at breakfast Skylar, Rose, Tanner, and Sam. Sat down at their table in the corner of the eating court.

"What do you think the information is?" Rose asked. Skylar took a bite of her oatmeal. "I hope it about better food, because this oatmeal literally tastes like mud." Rose smiled and rolled her eyes. "yes, but I'm being serious." said Rose. Skylar, Tanner, and Sam shrugged. For a while they just ate in silence.

There was rumors going around that a 16 year old boy named Edward who everyone called Eddie was sneaking around on the first floor and got caught. He got no out of trouble and he slowly went crazy, telling everyone that we were kidnapped and they're going to send us to war. About a week later he escaped and he hasn't been seen sense. When Emily and Rocky heard the rumors they told us it was nonsense and Eddie just came down with the flu.

Skylar didn't believe it. Rose, Sam, and Skylar had a long conversation about this. Sam said that the flu only lasts for a few days. Eddie has been gone for a week. The flu could have become something more serious. Eddie may be dead and they just don't want the kids to know, but Skylar believed the rumors, she just had that feeling.

"Skylar!" Someone said. She world around and Tenzin stomped up. "Here is your detention your received earlier!" He said as loud as he could so that the whole world could hear. "are you serious?" She asked him. "i'm always serious." Tenzin said walking away.

Skylar looked down at the form. It was set for 8:00 this Sunday for 3 hours. 3 hours! That would go till 11:00. "This sucks!" She said out loud to herself. "What?" Asked Sam. "it goes till 11:00 on Sunday!" She said in frustration. "sucks to be you." Tanner laughed.

"Why so long? You were just a few minutes late for class." Sam asked. "Because Tenzin hates me." Skylar said flatly. "you would have to be blind to see it." She added. "And deaf," Tanner said. Skylar didn't object because it was true. "Don't worry he hates a lot of people." Rose supplied. They nodded in agreement and went back to eating.

After they were finished eating Rocky walked to the front of the room. "get to session 2!" He shouted over everyone else. Session 2 was learning and controlling their special abilities. The 3rd was survival skills. Then they were free to go by then it was about 1:00. Next week self defense was going to be there 4th session. With that it would be 3:00, it was still worth it.

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