Fire and Lies

13-year-old Skylar, and her three friends, Rose, Tanner, and Sam escape from their training center deep in the woods of Oregon to find out more about their lives which have been kept from them from a young age when they escape they realize they don't know where to go or what to do but there's no going back
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1. Chapter #1

"Get Up!", Skylar moaned at the sound of the ruff voice "I said get up, Skylar!" "Five more minutes, Rocky" She argued. "That wasn't an option, and it's 'sir' I can write you up for that." Skylar rolled her eyes and turned over. "Five minutes to get to section number one!" Rocky said on his way out.

About twenty seconds later Rose hit her on the head with a pillow. "You better get up or you will get in trouble again." Skylar looked up at her friend's face. Rose smiled and her blue eyes glittered. She turned around and started to brush her long blonde hair.

Skylar rolled on to the floor of their room that they shared with two other younger girls. Hope and Penny. Rose and Skylar were both 13. All the kids in the organization were orphans or not wanted by their parents. They weren't allowed to know anything about their parents, but Skylar got Rocky to tell her that most parents didn't want them because they were scared of what the babys could do. "People fear what they don't understand," he had said.

All the kids at the organization had the ability to control or create the earths elements, like control water, fire, and the wind or make lighting, but Skylar was not that good yet. There were rumors going around that if you were good enough you could heel wounds. Skylar stud-up.

She started to open her dresser and grabbed her training clothes. Then there was a sharp pane in her right shoulder. Then a thud on the ground, she looked down and Rose's green hairbrush lay on the floor. "Ow?" Skylar looked at Rose. "Sorry Sky, you should brush that, it looks like you slept on your head." She joked. Skylar smiled and got ready for the morning training.

Right before the two girls walked out the door Skylar stopped. "My necklace!" She said. "Grab it I'll wait." Rose said. "No, we are going to be late already." Rose kept staring at her. "Go!" Skyler shouted waving her away. Rose turned and ran.

Skylar walked back to her dresser and grab the necklace. Skylar wasn't one to wear a necklace, but this one was special. It was a beautiful gold heart with golden diamonds on the front side. It hung on a golden colored chain. She was wearing it when her parents gave her to the organization. She wore it every day sense. It was the only thing she had from home. She should be grateful most kids didn't have anything from where they had come from.

Skylar put on the necklace and looked in the mirror on the wall by her dresser. She was a very good looking girl. She had dark brown hair with the little wave to it, and hazel eyes. With smooth skin. She was taller than Rose, but she still thought of herself as short. Just then the younger girls got up to go to breakfast. They were younger so they didn't have to go to a morning session.

"Skylar? Aren't you supposed to be at the training room by 7:00?" Penny asked sitting up in her bed on the other side of the room. "Yeah," "Well it's 7:04" Hope said looking at her watch. "I better run" Skylar said heading for the door. "Fast!" Penny added. Skylar broke into a run down the hallway.

She was definitely going to get a detentbion. This was the second time this week. She had to get to the third floor, she was on the fourth. The building had five floors. The first floor was just full of offices. If you were caught sneaking around on the first floor you would be punished.

The second floor was learning to control and how to produce the earths elements. The third floor, where she was going was fitness. The forth was sleep, and the fifth was school they didn't learn much but it taught reading, writing and some math. The school curriculum ended at 12 so Skylar was done with that. It was also a nursery for the babies that have been given to the organization, and a daycare.

There was also a building across the lot for the teachers and the kitchen. There was also a small hospital. You could tell the building was put together quickly and without thinking because it was so mixed up. Skylar thought it was ridiculous how they had to go through the floor that was restricted to go to eat. Even if it was raining you had to run at least 100 yards to go to breakfast, lunch, and supper.

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