Winter is a Roman Legacy that went to visit her parents in Wisconsin. But she ends up being chased back to Camp Jupiter with the help of Jason Grace.


1. Chapter 1

                      I sprinted through the forest not looking back afraid of what was behind me. I swerved to the right hoping to lose whatever was chasing me through the blizzard. The once familiar woods, were now dark and ominous. I had to lose this thing soon I don't think i can go much longer. I burst out into the corn field and sprinted towards the house where my grandmother would be waiting. 

                       I heard the the thing that was chasing me gaining speed. I might have had an advantage in the woods but out here whatever it was, had the upper hand. The house loomed closer, I could see the lights inside on and my grandmother sitting in the rocking chair on the porch. I was to focused on the house that I didn't notice the corn husks sticking out of the snow until I went rolling in the snow. 

                       The creature went from a sprint to a walk. As it got closer i could see that it was a girl that looked a bit older than me, but instead of hair she had snakes on her head. I was to cold and tired to move, so the creature kept getting closer. When she was about 5 feet away from me, there was a blinding yellow flash that through me backward into the shed that held the combine. The last thing i remember seeing is a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, running towards me, before everything got fuzzy and then the world went completely dark.


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