Wishing Never Helped

I wished my life would end. I wished my mother would leave me the hell alone. I wished the boy that I fell in love would jump off a bridge.I wished my friends would tell me the truth. I wished my father would tell me the truth. I wish that everyone would stop lying. But some wishes are better off unwished.


2. Down to whack town

        I've walked a few blocks when I see my friend riding her bike. She waves at me."Angel can I crash at your place tonight?" I ask her practically screaming. She looks at me and turns around so I run after her. When we get to her house I put my stuff in her closet. I take a shower and while I'm drying off I look at the scar I've had forever. I keep wondering where I got it from. But I don't remember anything before my 9th birthday. Angel calls for me to eat dinner,but I tell her I'm not hungry. The one thing I hate about Angel 's house is Ramouro lives here. "Oh look what the pimp brought in" I hear Ramouro crack." I'm not a slut Ramouro you need to get that through your think skull" He grabs me and plays with my hair. While I look at hide face there's a bruise. I pull away and look at my fist." Yeah you sure punched the hell outta me today slut" I punch him in his gut and run to Angel 's room. I jump onto the bed and look at the roof wishing my life was different. 

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