Delilah has been broken many times before. promises her self to never fall again unfortunately her best friend Jane Hemming has a brother who cant keep his eyes of the pretty green eye and black hair beauty queen, but he doesn't know she hides a secret that may change his mind about her.


1. myself

 I hear the sound of the soft and gentle spring rain summer is soon to come. I walk around my neighbourhood getting slowly drenched I believed I look happy, but in reality the pain lay underneath my perfect olive skin. I walk for hours dreading to come home my parents fought most of the time and all I did was suffer. for a long time I was staring down at my shoes when I hear my best friend voice "Delilah hey gurl" she say her brother pulling the car over so we could talk. "well hello Jane Hemming's" I say sounding happy. I caught him staring, he looks away. 'Can we take her home Luke" she asks. He looks at me with those piecing blue eyes that had hurt so many girls before. After a while he makes up his mind, " No Jane she's drenched " he says coldly. "oh common Luke her house is an hour away and u heard of the possible tornado that's coming our way" Jane tries one more time. I interrupted his thinking " No is fine I don't wanna go home anyway but thanks Jane" I walk off. he drives up to me "get in before I drag you in."  I got into his car I really didn't want to go home I think he knew that because he drove pass my house. " Um you pass my house Luke" I say shyly, but thankful he did. "you're coming with us we are gonna chill at our house I can see you don't want to go home" and with that he drove to his house.

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