Secrets of Insanity

Jeff the Killer. A murderer who has faced human, demon, and god without a shred of fear. What does someone like that do when he discovers a dark secret that his own insanity won't let him remember? Will he tear away his own insanity to find the answers he seeks or will he cut down anyone who dares to stand in his way?


7. No Escape

Jeff wandered around until he eventually returned to the place which held the person who could answer his questions. He arrived at his old and burned down home. He searched through the charred remains until he found what he was looking for. A mirror.

Jeff looked into the mirror and he saw himself. He grit his teeth as the feeling fought against him. It didn't want Jeff to do this. It didn't want to loosen its grip on him. It took several minutes before the feeling finally backed down and allowed Jeff to proceed.

Jeff took several deep breaths before he fell to his knees, clutching the mirror tightly as he was assaulted by a barrage of emotions he hadn't experienced in so long. The insanity retreated to the back of Jeff's mind, hiding in the darkness to let Jeff's mind return to it's former state.

Jeff cried out in pain, anger, sorrow, and guilt. His cries echoing through the air before he finally calmed down and began breathing heavily. His body twitched as he looked down at the mirror seeing the face he had abandoned so long ago. The face he didn't deserve. The face he had before the fire had burned him. The face of a sane Jeffery Woods.

Jeff felt his face feeling the soft feeling of his skin instead of the leathery white skin he had while he was insane. He rubbed his fingers through his hair and looked into his eyes. He rubbed his hand over his cheeks that no longer held that carved in smile while feeling so happy to be sane but he knew it wouldn't be for long. Jeff knew that the feeling and his insanity would claim him once again.

With tears streaming down his face Jeff dropped the mirror and slowly stood up. He put his memory back together piece by piece until he remembered exactly what happened. While Jeff was insane he knew he couldn't remember everything so he had rely on the one person he didn't want to see ever again. His sane self.

Jeff remembered now. Jane was that hooker that he had met at the bar. She was the one who knocked him out. Jane had tricked him while he was insane. After he had escaped from the morgue he tracked down Jane and chained her to a table. He forced her to give birth to Jade and he killed her in the process. He had left Jade in a hidden room and Jane must have found her.

Jeff heard a slow clap from behind him and turned to see Jane standing there with Jade. "You remember now don't you Jeffery?"

Jeff slowly turned to Jane while not saying anything. He remembered why he said that he would be waiting. Jane raised an eyebrow to Jeff and said, "You look different Jeffery. Yes. You look sane. I wonder how you managed that little trick. However, it's nice to know that you can feel a little regret for what you did before I kill you."

Jeff wiped the tears from his face before he slowly pulled out his knife ready for the final chapter to begin. Jeff closed his eyes and took one last breath before he smiled at Jane like he once had when he was a kid and said, "I'm sorry Jane."

Jane was taken aback by this. She was about to say something when Jeff's body burst into flames causing him to be obscured from vision. Jane watched with confusion before terror struck her. The flames retreated from Jeff's body and it became much darker. A murderous aura surrounded Jeff as he raised his head from looking at the ground revealing the Jeff that Jane despised and feared.

White and leathery skin, greasy black hair, eyes that never closed, and that bloody smile the struck fear into every living being. Jeff let out a maddening laugh and held his knife pointed towards Jane with a crazed look as he said, "Come now Jane. It's time for us to end our fun together. I've enjoyed this but it's time for you to go to SLEEP!"

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