hi everybody this is my first book I will publish one chapter at a time so if you want to you can keep the book because I will write a lot of chapters so hope you will enjoy it


5. the funereal 😢

Louis's POV

today is the funereal for Luke Ashton and the rest Peyton's been crying for the past couple of days so after the funereal were go do something fun to cheer her up. Niall's been by her side since the fight was over I think he likes her and if he does I going to need to talk to him. right know we are getting ready for the funereal I told Peyton to wear water proof eyes make up and no blush so it doesn't get all over her face. Peyton came down wearing a strap less black mid thigh length dress laced on the top with black wedges black diamond earnings and a black necklace. and all of us boys were wearing black tux's. it took about 10 minutes to get to the church. Peyton of course was sitting on Niall's lap and there looking into each others eyes i'm going to have serious talk with Mr. Horan.

Peyton's POV

today is the funereal so i'm wearing a strap less black nee length dress that's laced at the top with black wedges I am also wearing black diamond earing's and a black necklace. when we were all ready we piled in the van. I had to sit on someone's lap so I picked Niall when I did he seemed really happy when I picked him. it takes about 10 minutes to get to the church. the whole time Niall and I were looking in each others eyes he changed his to his brighter blue and I changed mine to my bright purple set. when we were almost to the church Niall started to lean in and I did the same till our lips touched. his were so soft and warm our kiss lasted about a minute till some one cofted  we parted and looked at Louis who was looking at us "what" I asked pretending we didn't do anything wrong you see Louis has been really over protective since my last boyfriend "you know I don't want you dating after what happened to Zack" Louis said in a mad tone dang I mean yea he's my brother but it was one kiss "you cant tell me If I can date or not Im almost 19" I said back annoyed "i don't care your not going to date anyone that's final" Louis yelled at me "Louis she can date who ever she wants you can control her life anymore she's not little anymore" Liam said taking my side ''bu'' Louis didn't get to finish "no buts just leave the girl alone'' harry said also taking my side "FINE" Louis finally gave in. when we got to the church we took our seats I sat next to Liam and Niall. after a while the funereal began. after the funeral we went to the cemetery to baring the coffins. after that we went home im really going to miss Luke and Ashton.


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